Mawaru Penguindrum Ep 15: The Price of Changing Fate


If anything, Momoka has proven herself to be an Angel. She sacrifices herself in order to change another person’s fate. Yuri was incredibly fortunate to have met Momoka who saved her life and set her free from her abusive father. At this point I actually respect Yuri’s wish. It’s tough to choose between the three people, (or rather four if you include Ringo, but at this point I think it’s safe to say she has moved on and accepted her own fate to be herself) who all have important wishes.

However when we look at Kanba’s true feelings, I’m starting to wonder if he may decide to act selfish and request the wish for another fate where he and Himari are not blood-related and where she is healthy.The OP had left us an important detail where Himari and Shouma are running in the same direction, however Kanba is running in another separate direction. This could be taken as fighting against fate head on, or he’s going to be aiming for something else, or even possibly receiving the punishment for whatever he’s doing to receive the money to pay for both their house and Himari’s medication.

The next thing I wanted to mention was: Now that we know the price of transferring people’s fate, it makes me wonder that Tabuki’s fate might’ve been transferred at the price of Momoka being killed for once and for all- or possibly, she may have transferred fate as well, without the diary in hand. Surely with that diary of fate, Momoka probably would have known in advance that she was going to be killed during that terrorist bombing incident. I mean think about it, she knew at that point of time that she was going to have a sibling, so perhaps she had left it at home (the diary) to entrust it to Ringo, who was born on the day she died.

On top of that, it looks like not just anyone can use the diary.
Take Ringo for example: She had written down all her fate she had planned with Tabuki however instead she found herself tied with Shouma. I’m not sure whether that’s the influence of fate or not, but it appears the Goddess (Himari’s side) and Sanetoshi are the only two besides Momoka who can use the Penguindrum. The colour of their eyes might also prove that factor.

Finally, I was seriously thrilled to see that Shouma had showed up to ‘save’ Ringo since I wasn’t expecting it, but I was also delighted to see that my prediction that Masako would show up at the inn as well had  been proven correct. Poor guy, he slipped on a bottle and knocked himself out!
I’m also relieved that Yuri didn’t go ahead and rape Ringo.


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2 Responses

  1. TimesTicking says:

    Momoka has become my favorite character XD
    I feel like Ringo could be the key to everything, since Momoka might have entrusted the diary to Ringo.
    I want moarrrr episodes!

  2. Eva says:

    Momoka is really special! <3 Ringo is probably the key, the question is whether she can actually get the damn thing to work properly, LMAO!

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