Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai Episode 3: *sob* I should’ve known…


Fuck you.

As a new day starts and Miyako attempts to rape Yamato once more, breakfast then comes along with its fair dose of harems and bitch fights over our main protagonist,and the day goes on as we learn more of the background stories of 2 main girls, Miyako and Yukie. Basically, Miyako used to be bullied and since Yamato saved her she fell in love with him and became the horniest lady one could ever meet, whereas Yukie got all shy over the fact that Yamato saw her panties on her first day and believes that he has to marry her because of it I think he’s seen Miyako’s panties more than yours though… Just saying.



So basically this episode was fanservice without an excuse. You know, other shows usually find excuses for it. Not this one. Hey, let’s have Mayucchi be really cute absolutely so fucking cute and be a super nice girl! But that would be way too boring… Let’s get her naked for 10 minutes straight, THAT’LL GET US VIEWS!! Worse part is I know it will -_-‘.

This episode had no plot. A bit of background story on 2 characters. But nothing happened. There was nothing. Just fanservice. And naked girls. Not even a ninja dog. *sobsob* I tolerated Miyako’s behaviour because I thought the fanservice would be controlled in this,but I was deceived SO MUCH. This show could have been amazingly good, I mean the quality of it is incredible, and if they were going to make it complete fanservice they should’ve given us a good warning beforehand -_-‘. Not… This… Ugh.


Okay so I’ll watch the next episode and may keep blogging it but I think today’s episode just made me so disappointed. This had good potential for a nice, epic, ridiculous show, but they took the fanservice overboard and made it just that, so screw you and go die, Sentai Filmworks. I knew I shouldn’t have trusted you when I learned this was based off an eroge.

Also, random comment…Why is everyone living in the same house? o.o


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2 Responses

  1. TimesTicking says:

    My first impression on Yamato when ignoring Miyako, what a FAG…
    I don’t get it though, a fan service episode so early o.o I mean I understand if they do it towards the end but this is episode 3…
    They are the Kazama Family? iono. Something similar to Dynasty Warriors from what I think.

    • Myst says:

      Yeah I’m not too sure about the family thing, I do have noticed when I look up characters that all the girls have the same last name, I just don’t get why Yamato’s there too XD. As for the fanservice bit, one theory of mine is that the show gave up on epicness in order to get itself some views (happens pretty often -_-‘), although I really hope not because that would simply be terrible. I guess we’ll see next episode!

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