Gundam AGE Ep 3: Last Minute Sacrifice


Despite the success of rescue with the core, this episode was still very sad because of the loss of both Nora and Commander Bruzar.

Even with the enemy’s attacks, we still yet to understand why they are attacking the colonies and who they really are. Commander Bruzar had also given us a hint that there was a reason why Flit was spared, and it looks to me, the enemy wants to put him into use. I believe when the last one was scanning the Gundam in the previous episode, I think it’s trying to copy/gain its technology information in order to make more powerful mobile suits.

Then we have Yurin, who is a very mysterious girl with unique powers. I think there’s more to her touch than meets the eye. Flit was able to see the enemy, not because he was calm, but there was something else going on because she had her hand on his. I kind of squealed when she gave Flit her ribbon, that’s when my shipping side awakened, and now I’m conflicted about who to ship him with. Only time will tell although I’m really leaning towards Flit x Yurin at the moment, but like I said, not official yet.

Last but not least, as for the animation, I wanted to mention that I felt there were some scenes that made Flit actually look a lot older and mature and that’s a good thing!!!


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