Chihayafuru Ep 1 [First Impression]: Playing Karuta, LIKE A BOSS.


I love cute things.

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7 Responses

  1. Oki says:

    Oh, it’s not about sports! It’s about card games! I will definitely watch and read your posts then! Thanks a bunch for lettin me know.

  2. Myst says:

    I dunno why everyone was so stuck up on it being about sports, it doesn’t even say what karuta is in the summary and you guys just all assumed it was a sport XD I didn’t think it so until I read your comments lol

    • Eva says:

      This episode didn’t quite show the true nature of the game, but it is actually quite a sport since it requires swift body movements. XD It just doesn’t involve running, anyhow cards games in general are considered sports since Poker and all that stuff are considered ‘sports’ too, lmao.

      • Vantage says:

        That’s interesting, that card games in general are considered sports o.O I now have another reason to delay watching card games on motorcycles. IT’S A SPORT!

        • Eva says:

          I don’t get it either why Cardgames are considered a sport. I suppose anything that has to do with an ‘activity’ is a sport, but whatever! XD

  3. TimesTicking says:

    Amazing new series, I feel like this anime is gonna be mostly about flashback of them playing karuta and towards the end they meet Aruta :D
    I am so watching this XD

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