Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Ep 2: The World Sena Only Knows

I now present to you…Katsuragi Keima v2.

She can see...the ending!


When Yozora proposes that a good way to socialize is through playing games, she manages to get Sena to play the fantasy RPG Monster Hunter, which turned out to worsen their relationship even further. Sena then takes interest in other types of games, and gets herself addicted to galges.


I can’t help but feel that the whole episode was one huge parody of The World God Only Knows, and I wonder if the way Sena got addicted ridiculously quickly to eroges was similar to how Keima started off. This show is certainly not afraid of sticking in blunt parodies here and there, if I remember correctly there are a few other references that will turn up soon, probably when the other harem members arrive.

LMAO, Sena and Yozora made all the wrong choices. In the end, by failing to set up any flags with one of the girls, Akari, she ended up bitching about the main character who had a retarded enough name anyway to all the other girls, meaning that Sena got a bad ending xD With her otaku addiction, she spends all of her free time playing through all the other routes, turning into the girl version of Keima along the way. I can tell you now, a lot of humour will come from Sena and her galge addiction – she eventually turns to eroge at some point, and like the references, the show isn’t afraid to call it what it is – porn. And for all the Senafags out there, the eyecatch must have made your day (:

The other game that the Rinjinbu ended up playing was a fantasy RPG named Monster Hunter, which Yozora found out about after going to a family restaurant alone (LOLWUT) Now I felt AIC really did an epic job with this, I loved all the character designs, especially Sena’s outfit and giant zanpakutou (: Even Kodaka’s noob outfit was pretty for a noob. Well, it turned out an even greater failure than expected, since Yozora and Sena just tried to kill each other Sena’s point-blank getsuga tenshou was cool and Kodaka was too low a level to do anything other than fight ostriches and mine ores, apparently. As for Kodaka’s attempt in making friends his gender, well, we have to give him credit for trying. He ends up looking constipated even when not out of breath, and now people think he’s extorting them in the 2D world with a bright pink PSP -_- Which I think he got off Kobato, his imouto.

I enjoyed this episode, even though I had to stay up insanely late to catch it subbing. The visuals were pretty, and the nonexistent love lost between Yozora and Sena cracked me up as usual xD Yukimaru (yes, the dodgy stalker from behind that pillar) will probably make an entrance next week, as well as lots of fanservice and ecchi  for both the Yozorafags and Senafags. Meat jokes will be in abundance.

I will be away next week, so the next entry will be a double post for Ep 3 + 4.

Oh yeah, nearly forgot.


I love cute things.

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  1. Eva says:


    • Vantage says:

      IT WAS – showing us parts of both games as if they were actually in the game rather than poring over a PSP all the time made it so much more interesting, and hilarious as well. Especially Sena and Yozora backstabbing each other and pretending everything’s fine xD

  2. TimesTicking says:

    I loved it when they played video games XD
    the RPG was just GG :D
    Sena is just awesome ^^

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