Yuru Yuri Episode 11: Life and Soul of the Club

HAHAHAHAHA at Kyouko’s expression.


In the first half of the episode, the Club flashback to their childhood days where they were bullied by a girl at the park, who was rather obviously revealed to be Chinatsu. In the second half, after Kyouko goes through a personality change, everyone starts to notice the difference and they all want the old Kyouko back.


This is it. This was the episode I was waiting for, after a few weeks running of slightly disappointing content at times. Even though it managed to split itself into two parts, both were equally entertaining, and I hope that this will carry over to the final episode next week.

We had almost the whole cast pitch it in some way or another, and it started with the main four, reminiscing on their childhood days. All it took was one look at the hair colour of the “bully”, and I burst out laughing xD Hearing Chinatsu then talk about her younger self so hypocritically just made me laugh even more, especially when it was Akari that realised who the bully really was. I couldn’t help but notice the slight role reversal when they were younger – instead of Kyouko, Yui was the headstrong one, while Kyouko wasn’t nearly as hyper as she is today.

The second half reinforced a lot what I mentioned about Kyouko really being the entertaining and hilarious character of the group, and this half of the episode showed us how much Kyouko’s absence affected everyone else. Her sudden character change shocked literally everyone, from Ayano to surprisingly, Chizuru, who broke down in tears O_O And when she proposed to shut down the Kissuiso Amusement Club,  I was holding my breath, this kind of development doesn’t really happen with this genre. Except K-ON, and that was…different. But…the person who took it the hardest was undoubtedly Yui.

QB: Why do you cry over the loss of just one of you? /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\

It just goes to show how much of an important centerpiece Kyouko is to the show, and how radically altered it would be without her in a lead role. Imagine Akari as the protagonist o.O It was an enjoyable ep from start to finish, and it has really raised my hopes for the last episode, which seems to involve another non-fantasy kiss~ Hopefully. All I ask is for Yuru Yuri not to end with the four main characters doing that trademark jump please, its been great at avoiding clichés and it shouldn’t stoop to the level of doing an A-Channel.

*Spams F5 waiting for Steins;Gate finale*


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