Yu Gi Oh Zexal Ep 20: DARK ASTRAL FTW!!!!!!!!

After defeating and collecting another Number, Tetsuo and Yuuma end up in a fight after Tetsuo had complained to Yuuma about how reckless he was in the final attack. The next day as they continue to avoid each other, Kotori confronts Yuuma to have him apologize, but things only get complicated when Yuuma says the wrong thing at the wrong time and only annoys Tetso more. As result of Yuuma trying to go after Tetsuo to apologize what he said, Tetsuo accidently knocks off the key and suddenly slim comes out of Yuuma’s deck and turns out to be #96, Black Mist- the number he had just captured taking over Astral and trying to possess Yuuma as well. With Astral’s advice, Yuuma entrusts Kibou Hope to Tetsuo who challenges Dark Mist to a duel to release Astral and Yuuma.


T^T/ Finally found subs!!!

Hahaha, so it looks like the only thing Yuuma is talented at is acting. I find it so freaking sad that even when they have to lose on purpose, it’s Astral who makes the plan.


So it was really about time we seen Tetso duel, but I find annoying that Astral had to help prevent the guy from losing by tricking Black Mist. I mean, my god in other words Astral has to guide every single person their way to victory and god, it would’ve been a better victory if Tetso had won on his own.

It’s clear that #96, Dark Mist is a very dangerous Number Monster. It is passionate about destruction and revealed in Astral’s memories or perhaps a vision within his memories about what could be in store for Yuuma’s world’s future.

The key now, this isn’t the first time it snapped off. I thin it’s about time that Yuuma replaces the pathetic string with a metal chain. God, if Yugi had a string for his Millennium Puzzle he’d be totally screwed and Atem would’ve given him so much shit about it- or so I’d imagine. Plus more importantly, we got to witness one of the key’s powers where as it protects those who are holding or being attacking by numbers. If Yuuma were to lose it again, he could end up in this same situation again.

Finally, I’m once again, getting annoyed with Yuuma’s attitude of not accepting his friends’ advice. If he really wants to become the Duel Champion, he better fix his attitude because it’s not  going to get him anywhere. OH! And speaking of attitude, I was shocked how he was bragging about how he was the best at collecting numbers or whatever and really, 98% of the time it’s ASTRAL doing it while he just follows the instructions.


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