Tiger & Bunny Ep 23! The true test is near!


Barnaby remembers nothing and Kotetsu has to change that. Barnaby is convinced that Kotetsu killed Samantha, and he’ s about ready to do anything to get revenge. Kotetsu slaps Barnaby like before, gets beat up by him, drives him all around town, goes through all their encounters, and it’s still not enough…

Until his last words are Lil’ Bunny.


Now Bunny doesn’t remember at all! Kotetsu is overjoyed that he’s forgotten that he forgot, and that he is back to Barnaby! Barnaby remembers everything before Maverick erased his memory and Maverick can see that through the eyes of the suit.

Ben shows up and so does Saito! The suit Bunny was wearing was not created by Saito, and so Bunny takes it off. However they get a call from Blue Rose…..and it seems like all the heroes have been captured! That includes Kotetsu’s daughter!

So Kotetsu and Barnaby are forced to go to Justice Tower in order to protect the ones they care about. ..And it turns out the mysterious Tiger impersonator is really an android created by the same man who created Cis.

This android is called H-1 and Rotwang created it as an improved model of Cis. Maverick intends to make this the city’s new hero and it’s made painfully clear that unless they two alone can do what the other heroes could not, they cannot protect anything.

Before the fight begins, however, we cut to the heroes in captivity!

And it seems Rotwang loves androids and deeply despises the Next….okay fuck off dude I don’t even like seeing you. >_> I hope Yuri burns you alive sometime mk :D


Rotwang gives all the heroes an ultimatum. The one who flips the switch on their color first won’t die. The rest will. And if Tiger and Barnaby lose (or when, in his opinion) they will all explode if someone doesn’t flip it. Luckily, this isn’t one of those times I worry. Everyone of the heroes love and trust each other so uh…I don’t worry too much?

~~~ See you next time for…nothing ventured, nothing gained!


(where is my goddamn yuri?! C’MON AND GET YO ASS IN HURRRRR)








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