Tiger & Bunny ep 17! I cry and then I cry some more

Kotetsu visits home.


Kotetsu comes home and…his welcome isn’t very warm. He did go through his daughter’s stuff, but it’s not like he went through her panty drawer….I can’t completely take his side because I have daddy issues, but I wish my dad was like Kotetsu. Kaede doesn’t even acknowledge him properly until he gives her an autograph from Barnaby XD He tells his brother his powers are declining and he’s obviously in deep turmoil over it. OH KOTETSU BABY

Then there is a sad flashback of Kotetsu’s wife telling him to go be a hero even though she’s sick in the hospital ;_o

And right after she told him to go, and be a hero no matter what, she dies. WHYYYY



Kaede wakes Kotetsu up in the middle of the night to tell him that his mom has collapsed, and it turns out her back is just hurt.

As it turns out, Kaede gets mad at Kotetsu for making her go to school. In reality, the truth is she’s very lonely and afraid of losing her grandma. She already lost her mom, and her dad is never around. She lives in fear everyday of losing the only one she has left. Baw I’m sorry man, this episode is so hard for me to talk about. It’s so personal to me. My daddy issues are so bad. I love Kotetsu. He is what a dad should be. If he’s not there all the time and makes mistakes, he shouldn’t view himself as the greatest dad ever. He should hope for the day his daughter will call him cool! The day when she willl decide he is the greatest. I could cry. Kotetsu really is trying and he’s not doing it in a really stupid way. He’s going through a rough time and he doesn’t take it out on her, and when his brother tells him what’s wrong with Kaede he listens and feels bad for what he did.

And then an epic thing happens. It starts raining and Kaede gets trapped in a shrine while she’s praying. Kotetsu and his brother go looking for her and he uses his power to listen for her, and she is asking for her dad’s help alone in the dark in the shrine. ;__; His powers are running out but he goes to save her, and even though he runs out of time and his powers go…he still finds the strength to move the last tree blocking the doorway!

Guyys….guyssss. I’m sobbing here. This episode. THIS EPISODE MAN. The last 5 minutes. God. Kotetsu says he’s returning to Stern to give his resignation and then he’s coming back to be with Kaede. As the train is leaving she runs after it, trying to give him a piece of paper. The stairway is coming to an end and! She jumps! She’s becoming a NEXT! And she hands him the paper and says she hopes he remembers his promise, and this will remind me. He opens it up and it’s a picture of Kotetsu, Kaede, and her mom above a rainbow. And I can’t justfjfhdjkg….so much crying. So much. And he says…he can keep on being KAEDE’S hero…..brb, super crying. Kotetsu, you ARE the best dad ever!

Tiger & Bunny is one of the greatest animes ever. I just…this is really just amazing. I can’t stop crying.





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