Tiger & Bunny Ep 16: Dreaded Words & Dark Past


This episode focused on both Kotetsu and Yuri, who both were thinking about Legend. Today we’ve learned Legend’s darkest secret. He too was facing the same fate of his powers declining and as result ended up as an alcoholic and not only that, but a sum of arrests were staged. That was definitely a slap in the face for Kotetsu since Legend was always an inspiration and motivation of being a hero.

When Ben announces the dreaded phrase we’ve been all waiting for, telling Kotetsu it’s probably better for him to quit, I wanted to cry. And then Kotetsu has to face the same dreaded phrase again, this time from a criminal, the Lady Killer who he was chasing after when his powers ran out, I bawled. It was symbolically crushing to see him land in a dumpster, as Barnaby successfully saves the day while Kotetsu wasn’t there. On top of that, to see him wake up in the rain in the damn thing to hearthe Lady Killer had been killed by Lunatic.

I think it’s clear that Yuri is very conflicted about his code of justice, that involves murdering the criminals that failed to meet his judgement. It seems like he keeps on seeing his father questioning him like he did in today, and until Yuri resolves his inner conflict, he will probably continue seeing his father.

Yuri, back in his childhood, when he had accidently murdered his father- that was the time he was simply listening to his father’s words. ‘Don’t ignore the bad guys and become strong.’ He did exactly that, he was trying to protect his mother and stop his father from doing further harm at the cost of getting his face burned by him. It’s also very upsetting that even when he’s trying to care for his mother, she is stuck in the past and when she snaps out of it, she goes crazy shrieking how he’s the devil and is also scared that he might do the same thing to her.

Even though Yuri kills the bad guys, I have a whole new level of respect for him. He has a good heart, he cares for people and his family and it’s fucking amazing. I love Yuri’s character, I will continue to root for his character, I’m his fan and there better be more of him soon!

Now about Maverick. So we learn from Barnaby, (although it’s been pretty obvious since day one) that Marverick is like a father to him. He’d take Barnaby out when his parents were busy and he was the one who took him in when he had become an orphan. Barnaby also announces that he has a new dream, and that its to pay back Maverick for all he has done and make his hero business more unique and exciting. Well Bunny, by the look of it, you’re doing a good job.

Overall this was a tearjerking, emotional episode. The dark secrets from the past, dreaded words we all knew were coming, and Kotetsu falling into a dilemma as he knows that he can’t keep it a secret for much longer.





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