Tiger & Bunny Ep 11! origami does something and barnaby, o barnaby

A mysterious woman appeared on screen last episode to announce that the entire city was her hostage, and the only way to save any of them was to release Jake Martinez. This is the same man who Barnaby was on his way to see, and therefore this causes a lot of turmoil for him. (Incidentally, I feel like Kotetsu’s finally getting some respect he deserves as of late…) He even lashes out at tiger, who tries to help him as best as he can. As it stands, not even the officials know what to do. I have to say the one thing I didn’t really like was how everyone at the council was mad at the heroes. This lady has had this all planned from the beginning. There is no way they would’ve been able to stop her without knowing of it beforehand. She’s cunning, ruthless, and…

…totally hot.


And uhm….I really like this episode so it’s hard for me to pause at all LOL. Pretty much it becomes a big YOU KNOW YOU HAVE TO SAVE THESE CITIZENS DICKWAD! debate, until a member of Orouborous  shows up and demands some faster answers. And they mean business. Also the mayor is dumb. So they decide to release Jake. And also Jake is very cocky and looks like a very bad Jesus impersonator.

Oh shit Origami Cyclone DOES SOMETHING and impersonates Jake’s buddy, who is piloting the jet. Of course he’s freakin nervous XD

also i just like to take screenshots

alllll the tiiime


Luckily instead of being a flat out dick Barnaby is really kind of likable right now. We can totally see how vulnerable he is and how angry he’s been for so long at losing his parents. He really has been holding in a lot of anger and frustration and we can see it now more than ever. Instead of seeming hellbent to the point of no emotion, he actually seems genuinely real about it.


Jake decides that even though he was freed, he wants all of the people in the city dead. Luckily Origami Cyclone is in disguise on the plane. And to win favor with the people, Mr. Mavericks decides that Barnaby should reveal his past, and in doing so this might gain the favor of the people. Everyone sympathizes with him and wants him to defeat Jake, and the heroes learn that Origami has made it to the hideout at this point. It’s all leading up to THE NEXT EPISODE YOU NEED TO SEE IT IT’S AWESOME GO READ IT YES >>: ||














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