Tiger & Bunny Ep 5! Barnaby’s Birthday

Well Kotetsu is in some shit. His agency has to pay for the damages they deemed him responsible for. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh snaaaaaaaaaaaap


oh snap


And in a usual turn of events, Kotetsu takes something Barnaby says way out of context and assumes he wants a big birthday party. Hijinx ensue!


oh kotetsu, i derpin love you, you moron XD

Well everyone’s like fuck no until Sky High pitches in that he thinks it’s an awesome idea. So they all join in. XD


oh wait a second

much better!


Anyway Barnaby says he wants this ‘diamond’ to Kotetsu, not knowing he’s asking about his birthday gift. He’s really doing it to be a dick of course, as the diamond is in a museum and 6 million stern. Anyway, it isn’t a diamond. It’s totally an old man face. Why do people want to wear around old man face? :|



anyway so then a fatty supervillain sees it on tv and wants to steal it. hooray super villains!

Well they’re still in the process of planning Barnaby’s birthday and…and it’s just hilarious okay. xD

Then Sky high asks how he did and…man Sky High is moe. oh sky high, you go play with kittens!


im just throwing this in here because i love pepsi


Barnaby had a cake sent to him by his maid, which apparently she’s done every year for his birthday. Barnaby is so unlikable when he interacts with Kotetsu half the time, but in scenes like this and his flashbacks I just want to cuddle him >_> oh barnaby ;__; also IT IS TOTALLY AN OLD MAN FACE

why would anyone want that it’s just an old man


Barnaby is a jerkwad and doesn’t play along or do anything they expect >:| and Kotetsu mistakes the man who really stole the 6 million stern old man as Sky high! (because he improvises)

barnabys expressions make me lol XD


The robber ruins their plans, Barnaby is mad at Kotetsu and hates him forever now, and Sky High is displeased.

his next line is...i worked so hard to remember my lines! poor bby


oh my god i cannot get over how adorable sky high is. i want to give him some kittens and snuggle him XD he is so…so..cute xD




So the other supes decide to let Tiger and Bunny have the last one! Their powers are going to run out soon but even their super strength isn’t enough to break through the villains diamond skin. At the last second however, it seems their suits go into Good Luck mode…because they were modified for Barnaby’s birthday! :D and they kick ass!

but it turns out all the upgrade did was make them look cooler XD and it was really their teamwork…which they deny fervently.


And so Barnaby seems to get over his early hissyfit. Kotetsu spent the whole episode worrying about what to get Barnaby for his birthday, and he decides he’ll let him arrest the villain and get the points! Hooray, a happy ending!





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