R-15 episode 11: Genius no more


There is nothing in life like a meaningless sentence without purpose

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2 Responses

  1. KashZero says:

    Hello, ZeroG. I totally agree with you. why want choose Fukune instead Utae when Utae is more cute than Fukune. Utae has been together with Taketo and make him boxed lunch while Fukune doing nothing. so plain. I love harem anime because i love to watch the women around try to appeal to the hero although some of them will disappointed but at least they try ( example Rosario to Vampire ) but this anime totally off from what i expected. Taketo is a totally a fool. i having little hope for this anime..

    • ZeroG says:

      yup, there are little hope left to be had that this show will have a decent ending. To see Utae get rejected like that is juts painful, especially since Fukune is so plain.

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