Naruto Shippuden Episode 228 + 229: Don’t do Drugs, Kids

Okay so this is a double post, purely because I felt there was absolutely NOTHING to say about Ep 228. Then Ep 229 went and got itself delayed, and…yeah.

Anyway, drugs = bad. Poison mushrooms too. Back off.


Gai flashbacks about how both himself and Lee couldn’t remember anything about a celebration day, as they were both too drunk. While doing visualization training, they end up on a boat, and Lee masters the Seasick Fist.

In Episode 229, a shady merchant sells Naruto a “beneficial” mushroom that will help him pass through two weeks of Doldrum-like sea, but when the mushroom contaminates the food and water supply, the Konoha ninja have to somehow survive.


Episode 228 was just awful, the whole thing was basically just Lee using Drunken Fist on a boat, then Naruto pointing out that without the boat or seasickness, Drunken Fist can’t be used without sake anyways. Making the whole episode utterly pointless. The chibi Lee/Gai fighting Madara was a bit dodgy too, and I’m not sure exactly why that was put in at all. The only concept that I showed any interest in was the visualization training, but that was probably just a diversion that Kakashi made up so he could read his porn in peace ^^

Episode 229 was delayed a week, but at least I wasn’t bored half to death, though it was certainly disturbing. I think it was the first time I ever had to think in a filler – I honestly couldn’t predict that ending, that Naruto would get food through his toad summons and manage to survive the rest of those two weeks. If I knew nothing about Naruto, or just skipped the episode until around halfway, I would probably have thought they turned to drugs or something.

Umm…the battle. Or was it even a battle? I’m under the impression that Studio Pierrot are running out of ideas, FAST, if they had to resort to a spar between Naruto and Gai over the last mushrooms, while they used their mushroomy kicks and mushroomy Rasengans. If it was meant to be entertaining, then I’m sorry, but I fail to see any sex appeal in Naruko’s Harem no Jutsu while she’s covered with mushrooms. Its just…no.

The way that pirate worked was to manipulate his victims, using the mushroom to weaken ninjas, then go in for the kill right when they are at their most vulnerable – with no food and water. As usual, Naruto didn’t suspect a thing when the pirate pulled his best Ichimaru Gin face. This type of guy is really a coward though, taking the easy way out by using fungi, whereas all the other pirates we’ve met in this filler arc actually fought the Konoha ninja. If you wanna be a pirate, at least try to do a decent job of it.

We need to get back to the story already, I don’t think I can take much more of all these ships. Even Bleach is getting its ass up and moving back to canon soon. I’m guessing next week has something to do with Kage Bunshin gone wrong – which opens up another gaping plot hole, since Naruto’s used it since Ep 1 and nothing’s ever happened before.


I love cute things.

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