Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi Ep 11: Musings of a Shounen Protagonist


"Do you think I should give up... just because you're stronger than me...? I will defeat you, ULQUIORRA!"


Gekkou is forced into a humiliating defeat by Kurosu after he threatens to kill Mirai. Hinata then appears, defeats Kurosu and leaves again o.O Meanwhile, Taito is relentlessly beaten into a bloody pulp by the Spell Breakers, until Himea rescues herself and resolves the situation JUST when Taito is ABOUT to die.


Today I present to you another truth of the long list of anime clichés – the long speech made by a shounen protagonist in his half-dead state to his enemy, which will normally include the words: I, won’t, give, and up.

Long Speech: Instead of dealing the final killing blow immediately, the enemy will listen calmly to the speech for an indefinite amount of time, in some cases even spanning multiple episodes. At the end, a deus ex machina, not necessarily a power-up, will aid the protagonist into defeating an otherwise unbeatable enemy. (e.g. See “Rasengan under Uzumaki Naruto” or “Bankai under Kurosaki Ichigo“)

…Anyway. Most of this week’s screentime was dedicated to Taito and his extreme blood loss, as he was beaten, exploded and killed multiple times by the Entolio brothers, who served as the main antagonists. All throughout, he acted just like a shounen protagonist would, giving his glorified speech of never giving up and saving Himea NO. MATTER. WHAT. I was fully expecting some kind of massive power-up, perhaps the power Edelka gave him, but instead it was merely a lift from the magic holding Himea, allowing her to pwn the Spell Breakers.

The one-sided fight was very Blood C Episode 9-ish. Taito was brutally killed multiple times in quick succession, and Himea steps in to save the day RIGHT as he’s about to die, instead of saving his ass EARLIER, before he was beaten up that badly maybe?

You should give up...ON ME GIVING UP!

In terms of what exactly happened, I’m a bit confused. The cat familiar’s spell released the sealing that was being performed on Himea, but I’m not sure why she was brought back to full power – I thought that was taken away by Edelka ages ago? She even got her hat back. And speaking of Edelka, we still have no clue of anything that was taken away from Taito – he seems exactly the same as normal. The memory wipe was far too convenient, but I guess that’s how this show has always been.

I’m glad to see Gekkou is a bit more humble now, in the end he does care for Mirai, not wanting her to get killed by Kurosu. Or maybe he secretly appreciates the Mirai fanservice that we all get xD A plot hole dug a few eps ago was filled up as well, in the form of Hinata. Not too sure what his purpose was, he arrived, beat up Kurosu then left again, serving no purpose apart from telling everyone he’s still alive and strong enough to break through military barriers.

So, everything’s been cleared up, and everyone is happy and alive. Itsuka Tenma ends next week, and I have this feeling it’s going to go down the Kore wa Zombie Desuka route…with a fanservice ep. At this stage I don’t expect anything to be resolved, it’s been confusing from start to finish, and we’ve probably been given all that we’re getting in terms of closure to the show.


I love cute things.

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