Hellsing Ultimate Episode 8: Homecoming


Behold! I am Myst, the phantom blogger. You can sometimes see me, but most often than not, I disappear quickly and you realize it was all an illusion… Or was it?

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2 Responses

  1. Alyss says:

    It was a amaizing episode, until that human Anderson totally messed it all up >.>
    but none the less, amazing
    do you have any full pictures of Alucards true form?

    • Myst says:

      I dunno if you saw it, but I do have one in this post XD If you’d like to have a better one, unfortunately I don’t because I thought the one up there was the most badass and so I didn’t take any others :/. And it’s true that the human Anderson was getting a bit boring in the end, it was cool ’cause people were dying but that was about it. Although, I loved the part where he became thorns though, so it was okay in the end ;P.

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