Blood-C Overview (protip: it was awful)



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4 Responses

  1. TimesTicking says:

    So um what are your top 10 worst anime of all time?
    I can probably guess School Days is on the list.

  2. karen says:

    I sorta liked school days

    by the way i didn’t watch blood c
    but i did watch the 12th episode and it was badass and so awesome,
    the episode told me everything about the series and i didn’t need to watch the other 11 episodes at all

  3. KashZero says:

    i agree with TimesTicking.. School days was the worst anime i ever watch…since then, i been careful chosing what anime i should watch or not..i never want to watch anime such school days anymore..

  4. TheTruth says:

    Blood-C was crap….. i would shit on the front porch of whoever made this anime because it fully disrespected the original Blood+ and the ending was HORRIBLE let me spell it for u A-Piece-Of-Shit. I woulda liked it better if she had killed that bastard instead of him shooting her in the eye, her sitting there and thinking about it for a few days, and it ends with her just walking…. no actual conclusion. I am glad that they stopped at 12. Otherwise they would have fucked it up more. this will go #1 in the shittiest anime ever.

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