Blood C 9 ……I don’t know what to say.

Okay kids. I have episode 8 just sitting in my queue ready to edit…but…episode 9 is more important. If I can’t get over the bloody brutal crap that went on, I just won’t post anymore. I’m the same girl who can sit through a slideshow of things much feared on the internet without flinching. My boyfriend said Baccano was violent and I told him innocently, “Oh, I guess there are some bloody parts, I just didn’t notice.” I am not sensitive to this type of crap at all. But the amount of overkill this episode had was…abhorrent. If you aren’t a fan of extreme gore you should drop Blood C before watching episode 9. That’s all I’ll say.


this is probably a good summary for what this episode entails


So if you liked anyone in this show besides Gumauve guy, Weird Teacher, Student Rep guy, Saya’s Dad, and shinichirou you’re pretty much fucked. We never met half of Saya’s class, right? Well they made it a point to rub in that they died anyway. We pretty much see every single one of them eaten, and we definitely hear all of them. Fuka doesn’t get eaten but she does get impaled. Class Rep only lives because he goes to save Saya. Saya keeps breaking down out of headaches and sucks at fighting the monster until literally everyone but Class Rep is dead. I had nightmares last night about body parts being thrown around and this is still censored. It lets you know enough.




This is probably the tamest stuff from the episode, or close to it. The violence and gore is so much so that Saya is literally breaking apart mentally by the halfway mark of the episode. Shinichirou comes to talk to her and she has conversations and she talks to the dog but wow, let me tell you. The gore of this episode is as bad as the monotone of the first 3. Saya sucks really bad at fighting so it’s not fighting, it’s just crunching wet sounds and blood everywhere and  body’s falling apart and being eaten and people screaming. It’s really, really disturbing. Up until last episode I thought it was cool, and I even made it through the whole episode. But it actually kind of traumatized me to watch. And I like bloody fight scenes. This wasn’t a fucking fight scene. This was just gore gore gore gore gore. Fuck, I’d rather have Saya sing. And I hated that shit. This is TOO much. This anime has FAILED. It’s 9 episodes in and the plot is just hanging above us and it’s a chore, an unjoyable fucking chore, to sit through either being bored or squicked to fucking death. I recommend this anime to no one and after this episode, I don’t really know if I’ll be back next week.

yeah we feel about the same now

I’m gonna go watch some tiger and bunny now.





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4 Responses

  1. TimesTicking says:

    I’m guessing the first 3 episodes was better than this shit?
    They put Saya as the protagonist who cant fight, great job.
    I bet you in the movie its gonna be more gore…

    • Oki says:

      Gore,retarded mysteries, you name it. You know what sucks? I bet the plot behind this series might actually be cool. But it was presented SO horribly this series can’t be redeemed.

  2. Andresa says:

    I do not apreciate bloody scenes, but I’m not shocked with this episode. This anime is crap, but not because of the excessive violence and gore: it’s because it failed to surpass Blood+.

    • Oki says:

      Oh no. I’m not saying that at all. The gore is excessive is all. Just like the boredom. But what makes it bad is far more. You’ll hear all about that in episode 12 when I do my final summary.

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