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5 Responses

  1. Eva says:

    After 11 Episodes of Hell, Oki has found her Paradise within Blood C.
    The End.

    No seriously speaking, If it had been as epic as this episode from the very start, holy shit man, it’d probably close to the best of the season. // says the one who stopped watching it at Ep 4 (except peeked at Ep 11) because of the gore warning and only knows what the hell is going on because of talking with Oki while she’s watching it and reading her posts! XD

  2. TimesTicking says:

    The only thing that was enjoyable about Blood-C was reading all your post :D

  3. Scotty says:

    wow this sounds pretty cool, ill just go watch the last episode not knowing what the hell is going on and watching people die…..

    Thank god i didn’t watch this

  4. MR.KLAC says:

    oh boy really what way to lead it movie til next year. guy reveal alot that saya can’t eat human but eat monsters. guy time to reveal “winners” & “losers” prize.
    3.”losers” get guy want money get pancake face & eaten while twins get one of them got hammered like a rag doll & eaten while other get legs pulled spilt eaten.
    4.female research get tonged wrap but saved by saya then saya enter the beast’s tummy to finish the beast.
    5.female research running but got hug with big bite drinken to death by saya’s “father” who is a half-human monster.
    6.saya vs “father” with saya had to kill him give “father” did care.
    7.saya chase coffee guy who summon rabbit monster but got squash so then gun here down but “class pres” tried to help but also get gun down reveal “class pres” did care for saya.
    8.bunny monster got many grab all “extra” bag them, eat them, pull heads, eat like a corn, shish kabob them, blend them all up big “coffee blood”, & gun them down yea leave no witness. guy & female person getting away yet female is only in it so she get to be tokyo gov.
    10.saya kill the bunny monster chase coffee guy but boom eye shot.
    11..saya after all happen yea tears skirt make eye-patch now on revenge on coffey guy & oh dog reveal one of saya’s wishes.

    so yea really besides give i don’t had plan to watch first but wham keep coming then after ep.11 i’m all in & yet really oh boy this so wham to watch.

    really at movie to continue it & yea good luck to anyone in new york, texas, california, or canada to whoever going to license & dub you’re so going to need it.

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