Yuru Yuri Episode 9: Yes, MORE Characters

So this week wasn’t really about a flying chicken YES IT WAS but even if you think it is, you aren’t missing much.



On a hot summer’s day, the Amusement Club decide to tell ghost stories, but they quickly run out of ideas, and instead visit the student council room. There they meet Nishigaki-sensei and the student council president Matsumoto Rise, who in fact had a lack of presence even worse than Akari’s.


Three-quarters of the way through the series, the student council president Matsumoto Rise is introduced – and she conveniently doesn’t speak much at all, which explains why no-one noticed her even though she participated in the beach trip. We also see the first appearance of science teacher Nishigaki-sensei, who apparently likes to blow things up and gets reprimanded by the principal for doing so. Similarly to the other girls introduced in the past, these two hint at being a yuri pair, though I think we have quite enough of those to keep track of in this show.

To be honest, I’m not sure I like both Nishigaki-sensei and Matsumoto. In an anime about school girls doing cute things, a teacher just seems a bit off, and she just seems to be there for the sole purpose of blowing things up whenever she feels like it. In Matsumoto’s case, though I won’t deny she’s cute, she has nearly no personality at all, maybe fuelled by the fact that she doesn’t display any emotions or speak. Even I could work as her VA until she says something.

We need more vibrant characters that provide humour to the show, like hopefully Akari’s onee-chan in the future, or even Chizuru minus the drooling. At the moment, without proper gags only Kyouko is keeping me entertained, and the mild references to other anime such as Akari’s Kage Bunshin no Jutsu.

I’m not sure if the revelation at the end (that Akari was a ghost all along) was meant as a final shot for humour, because it kinda didn’t work. Similar to last week there just wasn’t enough substance, while Chizuru was mildly interesting last episode these two new characters seemed too forced for my liking. What were supposed to be gags didn’t really link at all, and overall to me Yuru Yuri is on a two week regression.

Okay, summing that up in four words – no shit even happened. Now to make this post look really long before I go read the latest BokuTomo manga chapter, here’s another picture.

"It's okay, Homura-chan. It'll be alright."


I love cute things.

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2 Responses

  1. TimesTicking says:

    LOL on that last picture XD
    They shoulda introduced all this new character long ago… So pointless to do it now.

    • Vantage says:

      Madoka-esque background FTW xD Chinatsu should be there instead of Yui.

      I would have much rather had Matsumoto introduced early on and replacing Sakurako and Himawari, I’m not even sure what those two are there for, Matsumoto has the moe factor at least.

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