Yuru Yuri Episode 8: Not an April Fools


I love cute things.

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4 Responses

  1. TimesTicking says:

    I really liked the new character they introduced, but the moment she started to drool from removing her glass just killed it…
    So far Chizuru > Chitose

    • Vantage says:

      Yeah, their personalities are complete opposites, and bitchy is always more interesting than nice.

  2. blub says:

    Agreed with everything you said about this episode.
    I don’t feel much for Chitose, mainly because her character’s like a one-trick-pony with no real connections to the rest of the cast (except for being friends with Ayano, but that relationship isn’t portrayed nearly as well as the other relationships)
    I like Chizuru a little more than Chitose because she dislikes Kyoko and isn’t afraid to show it. Yet, I just dislike the chain of fantasizers (Chizuru -> Chitose/Ayano with Chitose -> Ayano/Kyoko with Kyoko -> herself/Yui/Chinatsu). The fantasies feel like a cheap cop-out and prevent us from seeing actual interactions.

    • Vantage says:

      We need more interactions like what happened with Akari and Chinatsu xD Kyouko manages to provoke Chinatsu into funny situations though, but I do agree with the rest of your chain. Actually, I remember seeing a Yuru Yuri relationship diagram floating around somewhere, I might put it up next week.

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