Yu Gi Oh Zexal Ep 18 & 19: Evolution and Backstory

Sorry for the delay, I finally got this done.

Episode 18: What’s this? Hope is Evolving!!!!!


Okay so in the end, that really wasn’t Kaito, and Astral became temporally visible to everyone AND on top of that, he and Yuuma now have this bullshit ‘Chaos Number‘ card that allows Hope to evovle and have this ridiculously all-too-convient effect. I mean come on, Gain 500 ATK points for each overlay unit consumed and at the same time, decreases the opponent’s monster’s attack by 1000 per unit used – that’s a little too convenient don’t you think? Oh and by the way they really did decide to add a new ‘Kuriboh’ as we were introduced with Kuribolt.

Overall the episode was pretty good, but I was really annoyed to see Astral literally instructing Yuuma rather than Yuuma doing it himself. The only positive thing I felt Yuuma had pulled off was acknowledging Astral as his comrade and insisting they don’t give up. Also I think this is the first time we see Astral genuinely smile. I was also amused how Cat was like, *RAWR – BEHEADS STATUE* (This shows that Jin has an unhealthy obsession with the guy).

Oh and one last thing, I found it very annoying that Jin could see Yuuma’s hand. Well it doesn’t matter now since the guy is clearly dead since Kaito had hunted him down along with his soul. *SHOT*

Episode 19: Finally a little bit about Yuuma’s Parents and their Past


It’s about time we learned a bit more about Yuuma’s parents, especially his father, and this episode there was no dueling, which was refreshing and I liked the fact they covered so much backstory because of it.

First thing I wanted to mention, it baffles me how Yuuma started out literally a noob from episode 1 and after all these years even dueling with his father, he still didn’t know the difference between a trap, and a magic card and all that. Then again, (though I can’t tell whether it’s to be taken seriously or not) his father wasn’t exactly shown as the most brilliant duelist either.

It also looks like both of his parents were aware that they were going to die since they had suddenly spoke to his sister telling her she will need to look out for Yuuma. The timing was so sudden so that’s why I’m suspicious about it. At the same time, this episode pretty much confirmed it due to Kotori’s and Testsuo’s being cautious when they bring up the ‘parents’ topic.

Yuuma cares alot about this family, but it somewhat surprises me how he puts their things first besides himself and his needs. He doesn’t even try to tell them, just observes, keeps his mouth shut and pretend his request was non-existent, or rather – he never deemed it important enough to tell them, knowing that they would cancel their planned activities for him.

As for the key, it’s obvious enough and prooven otherwise that the key is what connects Astral’s world with Yuuma. It’s more fascinating to know that Astral’s being, or maybe even he-himself had entrusted the key to Yuuma’s father.

Bleh, my mind isn’t exactly in its ‘theory’ mode at the moment more like, LET ME SLEEP DAMN IT, so it’d be useless for me to continue any further.


Next episode’s preview says, ‘Yami Yuma’ which means – LE GASPS, YUUMA IS GOING TO GO EVIL?! SWEET! 8D I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE THIS.


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