Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Maji Love 1000% Ep 9: Overwhelmed by Requests

With the summer camp wrapped up, back at the academy, Haruka finds herself confronted and requested by Ren, Otoya, Masato, Shou and Natsuki. Overwhelmed by the requests, Haruka grows flustered and unsure about who to choose. Then, when seeking Ringo for an advice, she learns that she has a 6th request that is no other than Tokiya.


HAHAHA, OMG I COULDN’T STOP GRINNING AND LAUGHING THIS EPISODE. Poor Haruka, she’s really getting overwhelmed, flustered and freaking out about the fact all the guys she’s been helping out and grown to be friends with are asking her to be her partner. I wasn’t sure whether they’d leave her on a cliffhanger of who the last person who submitted their form, but Ringo enthusiastically announced that the 6th person who submitted for her as no other than Ichinose Tokiya! I found it also interesting how Shining Saotome mentioned the Goddess Muse, that Cecil had informed us in the last episode. I didn’t think this would be taken seriously to this level, but it looks like he and Ringo are implying that Haruka is that goddess and isn’t aware of it. I’m not sure how that is going to play out, nor was I expecting to hear this turn of events. And speaking of Saotome, that guy killed me this episode. His little evil laughter moment – HAHAHAHAHA, THAT WAS AWESOME, DANCING ON THE DESK AND- MAN THIS DUDE IS EPIC. I CAN NEVER GET ENOUGH OF HIM!

I was surprised to see we had returned to the Academy. I really thought we were going to spend another episode at the island, and it’s such a shame to see that isn’t the case. Perhaps if this were to have had 24 episodes, that’d probably happen. Damn it all, why couldn’t this show have 24 episodes? It’s so god damn amazing.

While Haruka is excited about the idea that she could possibly team up with Tokiya because he is also Hayato knowing that by doing that she will succeed her dream, rather than jumping the gun like a crazy fangirl, she’s actually carefully taking this into consideration. It’s obvious that she wants to team up with him, and god she can’t stop thinking him while we’re at it. The boys I must say- especially Ren and Masato are pretty darn possessive and have a fierce rivalry going on. And Tokiya, he is certainly playing smart to keep it a secret.

Now if I to critize something about the episode, I’m honestly not sure whether it was lagging on me when I was watching it on NicoNico that in the beginning of the episode, the song and Tokiya animation singing weren’t synched whatsoever (but definitely a good effort, especially since last episode’s animation was really not that great). In fact I think they probably should have dropped the instrumental all together and only include the vocal part much like they had back in episode 7 when Tokiya was singing back then.

Four more episodes left *starts crying a river* and Haruka must make her choice within the next episode! Otherwise can I start having hope there’ll be a season 2?

PS: I’m waiting to confirm this since I’m not sure myself, but it seems like this was Haruka’s character song this episode.


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2 Responses

  1. Mia says:

    i was sitting through the whole episode thinking to myself ‘they’re going to leave it on a cliffhanger. she’s not going to make her choice this episode.’ but i’m still upset. i hate having to wait an entire week each episode and now i really want the next one!!!! this is show is fantastic. I watched La Corda d’oro, and this is 10 times better. The music is lovely, i adore the colors and character designs and …Tokiya! if we’re picking teams, i’m on his!

    • Eva says:

      Yeah I wasn’t sure about the cliffy myself. This show is so addicting, by far the best reverse harmen based off a game I’ve seen in ages. This is definitely 10x better than La Corda D’Oro (and trust me I’m a fan of both the manga and the anime). The music as you said is lovely, not to mention epic at times, and best of all- none of the characters are boring and I love them all – which is usually rare because I don’t always like ALL of them, especially liking every single character CD. And damn right, I’d totally be on Tokiya’s team as well. TEAM TOKIYA *SHOT* It’s a real shame this isn’t going to be 24 episodes. \T^T/ I’m hopelessly praying for a s2 even though I have no idea how well they’ll wrap this up

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