Mawaru Penguindrum Ep 5: And wheel keeps turning~

Kanba has a flashback of an experience during a typhoon when he was nine years old, Ringo feels alone since her father isn’t being as affectionate to her as he used to be and failed to give Tabuki the dessert she picked up to him (and later destroyed). She is then after being found walking in the rain, found by Shouma and Himari after they return from a check up at the hospital. Shouma decides to request Ringo to let him borrow her notebook for a bit, and Ringo rejects saying it’s her diary of fate but freaks out when Shouma reveals he’s aware there’s a schedule inside. While they are distracted Himari slipped on the hat and both Ringo and Shouma go into the Rock World! (or whatever it is LOL) where the goddess bitches and insults Ringo and demands her to hand over the diary of fate. Ringo sets shot down through the hole, but her reflexes prevented from doing so and breaks from the from handcuffs! With that she dashes up to the goddess and snatches the hat off her head and chucks it out the window. Much to Shouma’s horror, it’s caught on a truck that’s driving away and chases after it as in the mean time Ringo witnesses Himari suddenly collapsing because of being separated from the hat. While chasing it, Shouma runs into his brother who had just came back from obtaining money to keep their home and then he goes chasing after it, and goes through hell in order to not to lose it. He soon returns home with the hat in hand, and Himari awakens, safe and sound.

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Impression: LOL Strange title I know XD;


This episode rocked in every way possible. It was icing on the cake that Ringo got to experience the penguin-hat-goddess and be bitched at and insulted in every way possible. I couldn’t stop laughing, and better yet, as I pointed out in the above, RINGO KICKED ASS. The only thing she did bad was throw the hat away but in the end luckily Kanba was able to get it back, but anyhow she quickly learned that without it, Himari would be dead and felt bad about it.

Ringo, although she wasn’t the main focus of today’s episode, we definitely got a bit more about how her life is. She is very alone, and you know what – I don’t blame her for wanting to find love, going as far as creating delusions, desperately trying to win her crush’s heart and enjoy her life. While yes it’s not the right thing to do, it’s kind of understandable in her situation, she’s really desperate for it. Although with Shouma and Himari in the picture now, I think she will slowly release herself from her delusions and start sticking to reality and come to really appreciate the time she will be spends with them – especially now that she’s involved with the penguindrum mission more than ever.

Now about Natsume. Lets get to straight to the point: that girl is totally fucked up. I knew she was up to no good the minute I saw her in the previous episode. She really gave off that evil/dangerous vibe, and I actually thought she was going to kill Asami but it looks like she brutally wiped out her memories since the girl remembered (or seemed to at least (apparently it was a guy since she said, ‘he‘???)) who had pushed her down the stairs. Of course since Natsume is now the picture, without a doubt she’s going to be the most problematic opponent that looks to be involved in the penguindrum search as well. I’m not going to lie, she scares the shit out of me.

Last but not least, we got a little backstory about the reason why Kanba goes so far to protect their home and family so that they would not be separated. Having been protected by his father when he had recklessly went after him taking Himari to the hospital on foot during a typhoon while he was on his way, Kanba was both inspired and motivated by him. It was also interesting to see their relatives, or so more accurately their uncle coming in indirectly suggesting they should sell the house and he’d be willing to take Himari in but probably wouldn’t be able to take Shouma and Kanba as well. While I’m at it, Kanba has been seen obtaining money in a shady way which brings me to be concerned about possibility of a debt building with the wrong people…

NEXT WEEK, or rather for the next two, (maybe three weeks) Zero will be covering this show for me since I will be away where I’ll have no freaking internet! *RAGE* (UNLESS I PAY 8$ PER MINUTE!!! *FLIPS TABLE* WHAT THE FUCK IS WITH THAT?!?!?! I’M NOT ABOUT TO SPEND 480$ FOR 60 MINUTES! FUCK NO!!!)


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2 Responses

  1. TimesTicking says:

    The Goddess is my favorite character of all time XD Loved the way she bitched and insulted Ringo lol.
    So far it seems like the penguindrum is not the diary? Cause the goddess asked for the diary instead of the saying the penguindrum. iono just a guess.
    Eva have fun wherever your going without internet o.o

    • Eva says:

      If not the penguindrum, then it might just be a source that would help give them a lead, kind of like a map.

      ^_^/ Thank you~

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