Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi Ep 8: The Training Camp

Yeah…Gekkou on his man-period.


Kurosu takes the whole student council, with new addition Aomi Izumi to a training camp, thankfully under the guise of a beach trip. While relaxing on the beach, Taito surprisingly runs into Haruka, who has somehow gotten past the barrier.


Excellent Lelouch/Uchiha Sasuke faces pulled by Gekkou throughout the whole episode, and rightfully so as he had his ego crushed then stamped on repeatedly by the “teacher” from the military, Kurosu (whose name I keep forgetting). He does need to be taken down a peg or two though – especially to stop acting like a fucking prick and thinking that the world revolves around him. Actually, it might, cause of the Crow prophecy with him and Hinata.

My face when I realised Zero no Tsukaima S4 was slated for 2012.

The beach setup only turned out to be a setup, and it’s a good thing it did, or I’d have a lot to say on the cliché of beach eps and fanservice, which is only appropriate for some shows. This isn’t one of them, if Taito carrying his head and running away and Kurosu’s image getting his guts violently exploded are any indications.  The others were pretty happy about the training camp, until Himea realized she wasn’t strong enough to kill Kurosu, and Taito gets killed by high-speed chalk.

The shady guy gets even shadier. No-one still has any idea what Kurosu’s true intentions are, or whether he’s even on their side. Complete with his Nice Hat, he’s already displayed that he’s stronger than he looks, leading to Himea suspecting that he’s not human at all. Many other anime have had situations where the characters are tested in life-threatening situations to grow stronger, but does he really intend to let them out of the training camp and just get stronger without any side effects?

We see a couple of plot holes here too, one of them is Aomi Izumi. She saw Taito getting burnt a few episodes ago, and somehow managed to end up on the student council without too much warning unless I wasn’t paying attention last episode. Shouldn’t someone just memory wipe her instead of endangering a normal human? Or is she involved somehow too? The other main plot hole is the lack of development to the power Taito got given by Edelka; its like it never existed at all. He was quite pathetic, he didn’t even try to hit back at the chalk. Maybe the power will make an appearance and miraculously defeat a larger enemy. Maybe.

On the whole it wasn’t too bad an episode, and surpassed my initial expectations when I saw the sand, sun and waves. The cliffhanger was pretty unexpected – Haruka’s expression was so full of LOL, she walks onto a beach and the first thing she sees is her assumed boyfriend half-naked with the other side of the love triangle. Taito on the other hand has the “shit, I’m screwed” face, though I don’t really see someone like Haruka violently reacting.

Nothing to see cheating or anything.



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