Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi Ep 5: Rapture and the Seraphim


Gekkou and Mirai-chan meet the Seraphim, who are finally revealed to be otherworldly Gods, and strike up a deal with them. Taito comes face to face with one of Himea’s spells, Rapture, and learns that the Seraphim have come to destroy her. After somehow dispelling Rapture, he meets up with Gekkou and the crisis ends. Elsewhere, Haruka returns home and encounters Hinata.


This was a pretty good episode, which did answer a few of the questions presented last week (though popped up a few new ones as well). Gekkou ended up meeting the Seraphim, which is like a combination of many “Other Gods” which may refer to other dimensions or places. The Seraphim mention a prophecy with Gekkou being the current “Left Head of the Crow”, implying that the crow is a title, and that there may be a right head, which I shall assume is Hinata for now. Anyway, the Seraphim are related to the wierd red tentacles devouring the school (Saya no Uta, anyone?) and abruptly disappear after Gekkou makes his deal with them, which was to kill a broken witch in return for the Seraphim to not harm his slaves friends.

Himea didn’t turn out to be some horny sex-addicted vampire, (such a pity) instead it was a spell called Rapture, which was an alternate persona that took over her. And it was conveniently sealed up along with last week’s Ba’alskra, and was released the same time as she was. She did end up kissing Taito though, at the end of the episode, bringing Taito and Haruka’s distance even further apart. It’s quite obvious Haruka will end up with the title of “just friends, nothing more” as Himea is the main female lead after all, even though Haruka was Taito’s childhood friend.

Now, one thing I found absolutely crappy was the way Taito fights – he doesn’t. He reminds me a bit of Toaru Majutsu’s Kamijou Touma actually, they both talk far too much and try to change their opponent by talking. I remember Taito going: “If the Seraphim want Himea, I’ll deal with them.” DUDE, have you fucking SEEN the Seraphim? It’s a GIANT GOD THING that not even your blue Falcon Pawnch vampire induced magic can kill. Though he admirably doesn’t give up (Touma is similar, too) for the past two weeks all he’s done is shout at the evil forms of Himea, get fucked around with, and die a few times as well. Actually, I’m not too sure how he managed to get rid of Rapture…

The end was rather cliffhanger-ish. Haruka returns home, and Hinata is waiting like a stalker in front of her gate, accompanied by two shadowy figures that appear to not be from this place. Seeing as how Haruka has been having short term memory loss recently, its likely she may be involved with the witch Lilith or some form of supernatural over the coming weeks.

Oh, and since we haven’t had much of her recently, have some of the best part of this show:


I love cute things.

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