Blood C 7 – fine clamp. you win. I like your goddamn show. FUCK YOU ASSHOLES.

Clamp trolled me. They trolled me like pros. It’s hardly effective if you make three shitty episodes trying to make me give two fucks about uninteresting characters and then out of nowhere stop focusing on those characters and actually make your main character only good later. If I was not a blogger I would have probably quit this anime. So they did badly there. But fuck, fine. You got me CLAMP. Congrats.




So you did what Blood + did but…better even though it sucked. I doubt Saya’s going to be whiney about the truth after the shit she’s been put through. Essentially this whole episode was, watch us! We’re Clamp and the people who associate with them. We have the money and ability to string you along for three shit episodes and barely peak your interests and then baam, we will insert crossovers, wishes, dreams, call backs to the movie and undo everything you hated about this stupid show in the first place and you know what? What the FUCK do I say to that? If they didn’t do it it would be some lame Blood show about a chick killing people and being way too good at it. We’ve been watching Saya get flung around, bitches get mami’d, kawaii desu neee and we didn’t get any fucking kai syndrome. I don’t want Kai syndrome.


So what do I say? I’m not impressed. I’m happy to see something good but I wish I’d skipped the first half of the series. 6 really started showing us, hey, this was light hearted. Now watch me rip out the souls of children and eat your friends corpse. Fine. I give. I even like Saya now and trust me that shit was not flying. I can’t defend this show. I won’t even say watch it but I’m sure there are those of you like me who sat through it for love of the concept hoping and waiting and maybe even as a dare at this point. And right now the shit has been balanced. If they can go from this episode then this anime will be good. They have started answering the questions, and they’ve answered them with interesting questions. Daddy’s a liar, the past is a lie and boyfriendo-san, and the elder bairns want to kill Saya and are all about honor. What the fuck is the Covenant? I don’t know. The sword isn’t sacred. Awesome. Then as always, it’s the woman not the weapon. I like.


Now if she’ll just fuck that guy then I’ll forgive this show. This episode was good.




Watch this one if you’re in for the haul. And if you hated the first three? Watch 6 and then this. In fact you can pretty much watch the series from episode 3 on and it’s actually a pretty good series. From now on we’ll analyze blood C as if we were doing it that way. 1 and 2 don’t exist. And because of it, the series is decent. We’ll see how it goes.


Finally glad for sticking with it!







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