Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Ni! Ep 7: The Final Battle

-insert dramatic music here-


Akihisa, Yuuji, Hideyoshi and Voyeur mount a final attack on the fourth and last day of the study camp. They manage to convince the boys from Classes A, B and C to help them, and eventually Akihisa discovers who the blackmailer was. The next day, 149 boys in the Academy were all suspended after being mentally scarred for peeking at the headmistress, who was the only one in the girls bath.


…I think I’ve just sat through what seemed to be a crossover between a war motion picture and some sort of exaggerated drama, but it managed to keep me entertained nevertheless. The heroic BGM as well as the expendable sacrifices made by the rest of the boys to allow Akihisa across to the girls bath only hyped up the situation, and for a moment I actually forgot what their real objective was, and it seems that Silver Link did so too.

So in the end, after ALL that buildup the BakaTest version of Shirai Kuroko Shimizu from Class D was the culprit, throwing dirt on both Akihisa and Yuuji. Other than to keep Akihisa away from Minami, why? And how did she blackmail him exactly? The dramatic movie scenes, as well as the cutting out of the OP were done to put in more storyline, however I felt a lot of the original themes and points were lost. Sure, the Shoukanjuu scenes are always welcomed but wasn’t the whole point that they figured out who it was, how they did it, and their motive? I can’t help but feel that Silver Link created a really great action scene, with subtle Bleach references then rushed and stuck on a resolution at the end, giving the viewers no more info to the original situation than just a name, after 3 weeks of episodes.

Silver Link are epic trolls though, I mean, set up a situation where the whole male student body storms the girls baths, with perverted situations in almost every episode only to give you the headmistress at the end of it all WHAT IS THIS I DON’T EVEN

…Though I should have seen this coming, all the girls were out fighting ESBs anyway. Except Hideyoshi’s twin sister Yuuko, who I noticed wasn’t fighting in any of them. Hmm, I wonder why that was? Anyway, the school suspended all the boys of every single class for one week, and a different ED plays as the boys march towards their closet MILF-related fantasies is the headmistress even a mother?

Well, I’m glad I sat through the ED, because a new term has started, the filler bug is gone and Himeji greets Akihisa in what promises to be a most entertaining day at sch-

Oh boy, shit just went down. Tensions definitely up next week, cause Himeji is going to be PISSED.


I love cute things.

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3 Responses

  1. KashZero says:

    the ending are hilarious…too funny(not included the kiss) where the dramatic song are used to picture the depression of guys fail to peek… the song is really good together with the lyric…i almost burst my stomach….the song soo suitable with this episode…hahahaaha

    • Vantage says:

      Yup, the dramatic spotlight of failure even after three weeks of trying xD Even if they did manage to peek it would be censored, so we wouldn’t have seen much anyway.

  2. KashZero says:

    Baka to test is not an ecchi anime, so i was not expecting to see that scene. it just how funny, their strategy to peek + all comedy included..

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