Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Ni! Ep 6: Paradise


It’s the Academy’s second day of their trip, and Akihisa, Yuuji, Voyeur and Hideyoshi are still trying to find out who was responsible for the blackmailing and framing. They recruit the rest of the Class F boys as well as those from Class D and E, but are stopped in their tracks for the third time running by the Class A teacher, who has the highest Shoukanjuu score level.


Once again, this week’s episode wasn’t split up into two chunks – instead, we had the second and third tries of the Class F boys into unravelling the mystery and peeking on the girls. The girl blackmailing Akihisa still has no identity, but it was heavily hinted that it was Kudou Aiko, the other frequently appearing Class A girl that conveniently has a tape recorder, and knows how to use it. But even though she’s the main suspect, she could still either be innocent or guilty. If she’s innocent, she could have genuinely found the real camera the spy is using and honestly told Akihisa about it, no strings attached. On the other hand though, she could have just as easily told them about the camera on purpose, to try and take the blame off herself. It’s really hard to tell which, as I don’t think she has that much of a motive to throw dirt on Akihisa and Yuuji.

I’ve noticed Himeji, Minami and occasionally Shouko regularly appear as one-trick ponies, as if their only reason for being in the show is to provide slapstick violence. Of course, Himeji is Akihisa’s real love interest, but to be honest he interacts more with Hideyoshi than any of the girls. Minami has the one-liner of having an ironing board for a rack not that I’m blaming them for repeating it and Shouko just appears to bash in Yuuji’s eyes for being unfaithful. While I don’t dislike these traits, recently they’ve only gotten screen time to torture them for a few minutes, then they take a back seat until its time to torture them once more.

What really stole the show this episode was Yuuji’s scheme of banding together the rest of Class F as well as Classes D and E. It was quite reminiscent of the end of the first season, and there was a bit of nostalgia as we were reminded why the end of Season 1 was so appealing.  The plan relied on fighting in numbers and overwhelming the stronger statted opponents, but this was still futile as the many teachers were far too strong for the bottom three classes. Especially the Class A teacher. I mean, 7791 points is, if I remember correctly, nearly four times what Himeji’s score is, which would make the teacher seriously overpowered especially against Akihisa’s bankai. Oh well, they do teach the subject, so they kinda have to be good at it anyway.

Even after this episode, the issue still wasn’t resolved and I’m guessing it’ll take a couple more episodes to round it off nicely. All I’m asking from this arc is an interesting and amusing finish, which shouldn’t be too hard…right?


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