Yuru Yuri Episode 4: Lesbian Tendencies


The Amusement Club writes wishes on a Tanabata festival tree, noticing that Chitose and Ayano have written their own wishes too. After Ayano comes first place on the final exam, she realizes Kyouko got a 0% on the test since she prioritized her otaku side over a high test mark which is what everyone should be doing. Ayano then invites the Amusement Club and the Student Council to the beach PLEASE I can’t take this beach shit anymore and they enjoy a day out. Oh, Akari? Um…who was that again?


After a short spell in which Akari breaks the fourth wall at the start of the episode, I think the producers made every effort to exploit the fact she has a lack of presence. Even though her Tanabata wish was to “stand out more”, her wish paper makes it ALL THE WAY to the ocean from a tree in the city, and she is noticeably absent from many of the scenes, with even Sakurako and Himawari enjoying more active screentime than her. From her taking the last watermelon slice to being not-so-subtly blanked out, its surprising that it’s still funny – which it somehow is. I’m actually hoping this gag can be reused again if in a different situation, as its a solid joke that doesn’t fail to impress.

The yuri was cranked up a significant notch again this episode, with Yui kissing Chinatsu on the head, and finally edging towards the lesbian side of the spectrum I thought she was straight as well =/ The love-hate that Ayano feels for Kyouko is expanded on this ep, and though she beats Kyouko in the final exam, their clubroom isn’t taken away and the club is instead invited to the beach. Here’s to hoping for a confession in the near future xD

Chitose knows full well of course, and uses her wand firework lighter to spell it out for Ayano, who refuses to confess. Kyouko takes the initiative (if only accidentally) and falls on top of Ayano, realizing she has no pantsu or bra on, resulting in the whole cast minus Akari to freak out. So at the moment there’s a complicated love…pentagon or something that’s forming between most of the girls, which makes me confused just thinking about it. Let’s pair Akari with her siscon onee-chan

I’m sorry. I have no motivation to talk about the beach part of this episode in any more detail, it’s become such a depressing cliché associated with anime now, even infecting Ao no Exorcist. The regular things happen, such as the flat girls being jealous over Yui and Himawari’s boobies, and a festival afterwards in which the cast light fireworks. Anyway, next week sees Chinatsu urging on Yui’s closet yuri side, as well as the continuation of their summer. But I swear, if ONE MORE beach episode turns up in the near future, of any anime…wait, actually there was one thing I had to say:


Someone's been watching Harry Potter.


I love cute things.

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2 Responses

  1. TimesTicking says:

    I really wish they can stop overdoing the nose bleeding, its like thats the only joke they can come up with.

  2. Vantage says:

    And all of those are Ayano x Kyouko fantasies anyway. They seem to reuse stuff like Chinatsu fangirling Yui, and the other one-sided pairings. I’m hoping they come up with funnier new material next week, the beach setting was really tedious and seemed like the easy way out of an episode.

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