Yuru Yuri Episode 3: Doorbell Spamming

Kyouko trolling like a pro.

By the way, I'm hungry, so feed me ^_^


After Yui tells Kyouko, Akari and Chinatsu that she lives alone, one weekend Kyouko decides to pay a visit to Yui, and Akari and Chinatsu come over as well. Kyouko ends up freeloading sleeping over, and the next day they end up being late for school.


This episode had Kyouko be the source of entertainment, with the other characters (namely Yui) acting as the tsukkomi of the comedy scenes – the supporting characters, such as the Student Council members didn’t appear at all. Her crazed obsession over Chinatsu reappeared again, and as always, her bold skinship ecchiness was pretty hilarious all the way through.

She does seem to be really close to Yui though, and even as her many yuri attempts were backhanded off, Yui does seem to really care for Kyouko and vice versa. She didn’t mind at all when Kyouko slept over – Kyouko herself does have a more normal, considerate side because Chinatsu isn’t around as she does offer to help around and is aware that sleeping over may be inconvenient for Yui. It’s obvious Yui’s lonely though, I mean who else cleans a house till it sparkles for fun?

The doorbell gag was so epic, it even gets its OWN PARAGRAPH. Yosh. Anyway, that was basically Kyouko trolling away outside Yui’s door, demanding to be fed like a dog as she can eat for three people xD She’s even more of a spaz than Akari, and really does grab all my attention. And I do get what they meant by Akari not having much presence now – apart from Kyouko’s delusion of Akari’s hair, Akari was about as noticeable as a background character in one of Katsuragi Keima’s galges.

From the preview, it seems like next week’s episode is the obviously compulsory summer vacation beach episode, which hints that both the Amusement Club and the Student Council visit the beach, which has loads of potential yuri scenes xD In a way, I do actually prefer this type of light-hearted ecchi rather than the failure that is Manyuu Hikenchou as the censor bars cover at least 3/4 of the screen at times and it just ruins the type of boobie show its supposed to be. However, Yuru Yuri is actually funny, and did have me LOL at times unlike previous failed experiments with this type of anime, and that does appeal and make me want to watch it every week. I hope it stays that way, otherwise it’ll just be me ranting about the generics of this genre, and I don’t want to do that.


I love cute things.

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