Yu Gi Oh Zexal Ep 16: New Strategy

The duel between Yamikawa and Yuuma continues! Yuuma sticks to his strategy of protecting his duel monsters he now considers as his comrades. However when a number monsters is revealed Yuuma finds himself having to muster his courage and overcome the free with his companions and obtain victory.


This was a great episode in a way that we got to see Yuuma have a huge improvement and use a new strategy  that involved protecting his duel monsters that he now considers as comrades, rather than recklessly attacking with whatever high level monsters he had. If Yuuma hadn’t learnt from his expirence dueling against the old man, I would figure he would’ve ended up using to attack the minute he summoned Dododo Warrior without reducing its attack points.

I’m really liking the positive character development for Yuuma. He is slowly starting to become more of a likable character rather than an annoying noob he has been acting like until he got a harsh reality check from his loss against Kaito. Astral on the other hand, not that he’s bothering me, but I’m not entirely surprised to see that he’s still skulking about his loss and fears the idea having to duel Kaito again and has been keeping this terror to himself. However it looks like Yuuma is going to confront him about it since he probably notices the all-too-obvious change of attitude towards him.

Yuuma’s grandmother is quite a crafty woman. She set everything up, got Kotori to go and make Yuuma his duel snack when he started panicking after seeing Yamikawa summon a number monster.

Overall this was an enjoyable episode. I was cracking up since I was humoring myself with, “The guy went to the dark side because they offered him cookies” ideas. It was good to see that Yuuma’s sister has witnessed him duel and given him permission, but with that said we still don’t know what kind of danger she’s trying to protect him from that involves dueling. We’ve been told something along the line about ‘death’ and now she’s told by the old man that Yuuma has finally surpassed his past self, but we’re still missing that piece of the puzzle to connect those two together. The only thing I’m wondering right now  (as I have discussed in the previous episode) is whether Yuuma’s parents  are dead, and it involves Yuuma’s past self and a duel. But like I said, it’s probably too soon for me to speculate on that and there’s not enough hints to seriously consider the possibility.



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