Steins; Gate episode 15: Destination 1975


There is nothing in life like a meaningless sentence without purpose

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4 Responses

  1. Vantage says:

    “Hey mister! I am mad scientist, so cooool~ …Sonuvabitch.” xDDD

    Glad to see Steins Gate hasn’t lost all its humour among the darker premise now ^^

    • ZeroG says:

      I also love when Makisu reveals that her user name on 2chan was Chestnut Rice and Kamehameha. That girl is such an anon. And then the simulataneous reply of both Makisu and Amena and Okabe says he was using the name Hououin Kyouma.

  2. TimesTicking says:

    I thought he was gonna get punched the moment he said Sonuvabitch XD
    awesome show overall ^^

    • ZeroG says:

      That rasta dude looked so stoned, I’m surprise he was still able to breathe

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