Sacred Seven Episode 1: Smashing Start [First Impression]


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8 Responses

  1. Vantage says:

    I couldn’t help but compare this to Code Geass throughout – from the contract to his red eye, not to mention the Sutherland err, robot thing xD It didn’t disappoint, I’m definitely interested.

    Not really a fan of Alma’s generic superhero suit. *facepalms*

    • Eva says:

      Trust me you’re not the only one. XD The whole “I shall give you this gem/stone whatever” is like, “We shall make a contract and you will obtain POWA!” *SHOT*

  2. contractlol says:

    contract… kyubey… problem…?

  3. Golvmopp says:

    I just felt that they kinda skipped the introduction somewhat? He went all berserk and some very emotionally heavy stuff happened before you even got to know the guy. Like, the pain he feels when they bring up what happened 3 years ago, or why he’s so distant from everyone. When he rages and screams “leave me alone” I just felt like he was a stupid brat rather than a man who wants to protect people from himself.

    Also, the great scene when he realizes his newfound friend is in danger would’ve been SO much better if they had shown how much she actually meant to him. I mean, it didn’t seem that common for people to reach out to him.

    Seems promising, but that first episode was too heavy on the action-and-explosions trigger. Gotta love those eyes though. Kinda saves the whole episode from time to time (like when his eye went red. The Geass nostalgia made me all giddy!).

    ..I still want more though. More! MORE!

    • Eva says:

      Lets cross our fingers for some background story at some point. We’ve been only given a brief summary of what he had done and how it got him the reputation he has now, but I do get what you mean by how it felt like it skipped the intros.


  4. sam1456 says:

    well the whole contract thing was really stupid i didnt like it i mean his outfit was cool and then when the contract happened he looked like a power ranger lame super lame

    • Eva says:

      And thus as soon as an abridged series happen for this show, there will be several power rangers references. *SHOT*

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