Sacred Seven Ep 4: *FACEPALM*

I have no will whatsoever to write up a summary  or a decent impression for this.
Lets get straight to the point:

There’s no way I can cover this from this point on. Yeah I’ll watch it, but I will tell you right now that I am terribly bored with the show. Seriously, what the fuck is with all these lame shows this season? And SUNRISE, I had high expectations for you!!!! This is a disappointment. Just make sure you guys give Tiger & Bunny a good wrap up because I’d be UPSET if that were to be screwed up.

Perhaps this is targeted to a younger audience- who knows, but anyhow it’s not appealing me enough to want to blog it. Perhaps if something actually HAPPENS besides what looks to be a BEACH EPISODE next week will Ruri finally get kidnapped by Knight?  maybe I won’t completely drop it, but man… What a bummer.

There were a few cute things – that was mainly Alma and Ruri. But most of it I found rather ‘dull’. I mean geez, driving through the hallways of the school in a new MINI Knightmare-Gundam-like upgrade and Alma being seen by his classmates in his Lightstone whatever shit form and both be covered by a ‘filming’ set up. I’m sorry but that was still boring for me.

Like I said, I’ll still be watching this, but from this point on I’m dropping this. :\

Status: DROPPED.



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2 Responses

  1. KashZero says:

    hi, i hope you do not mind if i post so comment here.
    i agree with you that this series should have dropped.. the story line is too boring..
    i hate Ruri in this series.. what she thinks she is? enter a person like that and always saying that Arma will protect her…for what purpose..damn… i hate such person the most…depend on other people…

    • Eva says:

      LOL, it’s fine. While I have dropped it here, I am still watching it- but not taking it seriously whatsoever. The story line is incredibly predictable. :\
      Ruri is our special D.I.D (Damsel in Distress) because she relies on Arma so much- of course that’s just how I think of it, others might view it another way.

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