Nyanpire the Animation 02 – The One-Eyed Dragon of Oshu!

Nyanpire episode two introduces us to another nyan, none other than Masamune Date! Oh wait, excuse me—that’s Meowsomune Date.


What is this I don't even--


The episode starts with a summary of how the nyanpire was born, this time shortened compared to what we saw in episode one. Soon after we get the episode title and get things moving. First we see our darling little nyanpire <3 sitting in a field when another nyan comes along, a sameowrai named Meowsomune! As he approaches our Nyanpire, he falls down and scrapes himself up, and gets a little bloody. Uh-oh.


Poor little sameowrai ;_;


Our Nyanpire sees blood and is all “omg blood!” and tackles Meowsomune to the ground and licks all the blood off. It’s kinda cute, though still creepy. So then our little sameowrai falls for our nyanpire, d’awwwww.


Even I run out of witty captions at some point.


He then asks Nyanpire what kinds of things she likes, and she says she likes blood of course!


Well that's... nice, I guess.


After Nyanpire reveals that he likes long hair and big boobs, Meowsomune asks the dreaded question.



Of course Nyanpire is a boy! So Meowsomune is devastated! His first love, a boy?! He tries to run away and falls flat on his face. Poor nyan. ;_;


...is a sham. ;_;


So if you haven’t caught on by now, this show is ridiculously short. It’s like a spoonful of sugar in an otherwise average day. I enjoy our Nyanpire’s cute antics, don’t you? And unlike the other shows I am covering, this is just crack and there’s no need for me to analyze any themes or pacing, so… well there’s not much to analyze. With that in mind, uh, see you next week, nyan~!

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