No. 6 02 – That Rat Is a Badass

Four years into the future, we return to No. 6 and Sion’s life to find he is now working at a local park and watching out for pieces of garbage or lost items. Then he and his coworker Yamase find a dead body. Good start to the new episode, I’d say.


That is one very dead dude.


When Sion finds the body, the guy looks like ash, literally. Then there’s some black spot on the dead guy’s neck that is expanding, and something crawls under the surface… then the show cuts to the opening. Damnit.


After the opening we find the Sion’s girl who is a friend but not his girlfriend, Safu, has come to visit him. Safu wastes no time getting to the point and asks Sion what happened four years ago that he didn’t enroll in the gifted course. He explains that he was disqualified, he and his mother were forced to move from Chronus, the awesome place they lived before, into Lost Town, which looks more like a normal 20th century downtown area. We get a flashback of twelve year old Sion being interrogated, poor kid. He screwed up his whole life and his mom’s. Not a very forgiving society, eh?


Safu came to visit because she’s leaving for two years to study at No. 5. She reveals to Sion that she’s leaving the day after tomorrow and wants him to do one thing for her—have sex with her. I think a lot of guys out there watching this show had to go change their underwear after she said that. Safu, a cute super nerd just demanding sex?! OMG! I think the point of the scene was obvious though when Sion turned her down and said he couldn’t do it now. He offered up the age-old excuse of “maybe in the future?” by telling her that when she comes back in two years he’ll do it then. Yeah, bad excuse buddy, because I think Safu is the type to obsess over something like that.


Oh Safu, I love how ridiculously straight-forward you are. <3


So after leaving Safu, we’re taken to a bakery to learn after some interaction between a store clerk and customer that Sion’s mom runs the bakery. Apparently she had to get a job since they were kicked out of Chronus (or open a business, which doesn’t seem like much of a punishment to me). So Sion heads to work (kind of backwards but now we know it’s the next morning since he went out with Safu), but before he is allowed in to work he has to pledge his loyalty to the city. My Big Brother senses are tingling, and I don’t mean that craptacular reality show.


Shut up and drink your goddamn tea! Er, wait a second...


So Sion and Yamase talk about finding the dead guy, Sion thinks the city is witholding information and Yamase freaks. “Don’t talk like that dude, we’ve pledged loyalty to the city!.” Then Yamase doubles over in pain, grows old and ashy, falls to the floor and dies—just like the body they found. This time when the back spot appears on the neck and the thing starts moving underneath the skin, we do see it come out—it looks like some kind of bee. COMMERCIAL BREAK!


You're under arrest for that crappy unkempt hairstyle of yours, boy.


After the commercial break, Sion is talking to investigators about what happened. Since he has a history, and they have a recording of him saying things that show he is suspicious of the city, they arrest him for murdering his coworker. Well crap. They take him in a police car straight to a correctional facility, aka prison, but before they arrive they are stopped on a bridge. Then Nezumi appears, that rat boy from the first episode. He’s all grown up now and kinda looks like a low-budget version of Gakupoid (if there are any Vocaloid fans in the audience). Nezumi does some awesome acrobatics—I mean, he fights good, and saves Sion, d’awww. They try driving away the police car, but they don’t get far before one of the officers pulls out his phone and takes control of the car and starts driving it back to them. I didn’t know there was an app for that, but I’m not surprised.


So no officer ever suffers the embarrassment of anyone stealing his patrol car.


So Nezumi tries to hotwire the car, or something, but it doesn’t work so he wraps himself and Sion up in a blanket and they jump out of the car. When the police car gets back to the bridge, it explodes. Damn Nezumi, I think you need to go back to school on how to hotwire a car. You could really hurt somebody.


This summary is getting too detailed, but for the rest of the episode Nezumi and Sion run from the cops—er, Bureau of Public Safety officers? Whatever they are. Nezumi drags Sion along and they make it to the wall of the city, to a trash disposal area, and then they swim through what is essentially sewer water to make it completely out of the city and to the other side.


Sion just took the red pill.


Overall, yeah we’re still in some cliches here with the whole escaping from the utopia to find it’s really a dystopia and leaving the comfort of home and leaving mom behind, etc. Man there are a lot of tropes going on here, and a lot of these are often seen in JRPGs. Then again it’s a show from Japan so they must use their tropes throughout their media and not just in video games. I was being facetious for those who may be confused.


All I can say is: I want to know moooooooore. I want to know why Nezumi is such a badass, what the hell the bee was (did anyone else notice at the end of the opening, the little No. 6 logo has a bee next to it), what the honeycomb beehive-esque thing in the middle of the city was, why Sion seems like such a sissy, why sex was brought up twice in this episode (is Sion gay for Nezumi? If so, cool! We need more mainstream gay characters who aren’t meant to just be masturbatory material for fujoshi.), etc. SO MANY QUESTIONS. At least I’ll keep watching until it gets too ridiculous, but I’m hoping it doesn’t. See you next week!

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