Naruto Shippuden Episode 220: Prophecy

Freaky FREAKY eyeballs from outer spaceeeee~


Tsunade calls for a war council in which they discuss how to mobilize shinobi forces. Elsewhere, Madara finishes Sasuke’s eye transplants, and as Naruto is about to eat at Ichiraku Ramen, he is reverse summoned by Fukasaku to the toad land Mt. Myobokuzan for a prophecy concerning himself, Killer Bee and Sasuke.


Naruto Shippuden really managed to stand out with a fairly strong episode after last week’s absence, and has a mix of both light-hearted moments and serious ones. As usual, it has its abundance of shitty flashbacks, but I guess its become somewhat of a trademark now. It’s not like anyone forgot what happened to Hinata during the Pain invasion.

Karin’s interrogation wasn’t similar at all to some of the other interrogations I’ve seen Ibiki do, considering she was part of Sasuke’s group. (think Hanare from the Kakashi Love Song filler) Maybe that was due to her willingness to testify for Konoha or something. Anyway, she realizes that Konoha is a much better place than following Sasuke around like a dog, and honestly thinks that Sasuke is a prick.

Speaking of Sasuke, he now has an evolved Geass an Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan similar to Madara’s. I’m assuming he now has Itachi’s skill with his Mangekyou, which may mean that he has Tsukuyomi on Itachi’s level overpowering himself even more. As a manga reader, I can say Kishimoto is still keeping Sasuke’s new Sharingan in the dark, so it’ll be a while before any of that is revealed.

This episode also solidified how the villagers now think of Naruto as a hero, as he defeated Pain using the Kyuubi’s power – when it was the Kyuubi that got Naruto hated by those same villagers in the first place. Fucking hypocrites, contradicting all that wasted flashback time of your mistreatment 

Konohamaru and friends chasing Naruto was the light point in this episode, and was the comic relief among the more darker and serious situation that is the Akatsuki and Sasuke. And I didn’t even know Harem no Jutsu worked like the Kage Bunshin. Instead of elaborating more on the Elder Toad’s prophecy and stuff, they used up too much episode time on flashbacks, the war council and the running around and doing nothing -_-

Okay, the prophecy. According to the Elder Toad with short term memory, he will meet an octopus (obviously the Hachibi here) and “a young man with powerful eyes”. Sorry, quoting the manga scanlation of this here. He has already resolved to fight Sasu-gay and the Elder instructs the sealing toad to give Naruto the seal. Assuming his father’s jutsu is the Hiraishin, this hints that he may or may not be getting access to this in the future.

Next week’s ep sees Kabuto fused with Orochimaru, raping some evil ninja people I’ve actually forgotten which village that headband comes from

By the way, anyone that recognizes the caption deserves a cookie (:


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