Ikoku Meiro no Croisee 02: CHEESE!

This week Yune discovers the wonders of French food and produce… and how much she doesn’t like cheese despite her protests to the contrary—it’s delicious!


This is a face of pure bliss. Obviously.



Yune is so adorable. This week’s episode is an adventure in French food. At the beginning of the episode when everyone is eating breakfast, Oscar tells her she is going to eat French food from now on… which seems kinda asshole-ish to me personally. Don’t tell the girl she is only going to eat French food from now on! If she wants to make some Japanese food, or a close facsimile with what ingredients she can get her hands on, then let her! Jerk.


First we have Claude freaking out when Yune says “Itadakimasu!” before she eats. Oh Claude, y so srs? After Oscar explains what’s going on (gee the old dude always has the cultural answers we need; plot device anyone?!), they dive into the bread. Yune struggles for a moment to break a piece off, and anyone who has ever had fresh baked bread knows that a day later it is so hard it’s almost impossible to eat.


Yune is so cute no matter what she's doing


After the bread, Yune tries to eat a piece of cheese. She claims that it’s delicious but it’s clear that she doesn’t like it. Poor girl. Claude can see right through her. She saves the cheese she doesn’t eat and Claude tells her she doesn’t have to eat it but she doesn’t want to waste it, so she folds it up neatly and takes it to her room.


Later on, Yune is watching Claude work and it makes him nervous, hahah. So he tries to suggest she go find something interesting to do since it’d be a waste for her to hang around in the metal shop when she’s in a foreign country. Yune doesn’t know the area and doesn’t want to go out alone, so Claude closes the shop and takes her out.


Stop watching me, it's creepy...


They take to the streets of Paris and stop by the Grand Magasin, a new department store. Claude goes on about how they want to put the smaller stores of the Galerie du Roy out of business and basically rants about monoplies and economic issues. Yune pretty much just stares at him but she’s adorable so who cares? Oscar stops by, Claude calls him an unsuccessful womanizer, and then Oscar changes the subject and reveals that the Blanche family bought Yune’s kimono. The Blanche family is the same family that owns the Grand Magasin, so Claude knows that buying Yune’s kimono back is not going to be easy.


This series does put up some beautiful backgrounds.


After Yune and Claude part ways with Oscar, they stop at a market. Yune gets a chance to look at the types of produce available in France, and Claude teaches her the names of the different items. What I find strange is that he teaches her the English names of the items and not the French… talk about a continuity error. But then again most Japanese students learn English so maybe it’s a way to claim the anime is educational? Who knows.


Mushrooms are awesome, but... don't they have mushrooms in Japan?


After their trip to the market and purchase of several vegetables, Claude goes back to work and asks Yune to help prepare dinner. She peels the vegetables and they make a stew. Oscar returns home, there’s a joke about him being dumped, and the three sit down to eat. Yune starts to sip her soup and Claude is confused, until Japanese cultural expert Oscar explains that’s how they eat miso soup. So Claude shows Yune how to use a spoon and the poor girl struggles to get it right but she’s damn determined to succeed. She’s so sweet.


I don’t want to spoil too much, but the rest of the episode is pretty cute. I was impressed when the animation team got it right when Claude pulled off a piece of fresh baguette—they had drawn the bread tearing at an angle just like it does in real life. Yune had a bit and literally glowed she liked it so much. The girl is just too damn cute, I almost can’t take it.


Do yourself a favor and watch the show, and I’ll be back to chat more about it next week. <3



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  1. TimesTicking says:

    Yune is sooooo freaking adorable, I just wanna take her home with me XD
    I love her expressions when she eats delicious food and nasty food :D

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