Gosick Episodes 23 + 24 [Final + Overall Impression]: Ohh, the love! You can cut it out now.


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4 Responses

  1. sam1456 says:

    i stopped watching this show for some reason i cant remember but am wondering did they end the anime by making up there own ending like they did with d.grayman and air gear which am still bummed about or did they follow it up to the manga all the way?

    • Myst says:

      Considering I haven’t read the manga, I wouldn’t be able to tell you exactly, but forums say that the anime is a lot better because the manga doesn’t cover the story properly.

  2. TimesTicking says:

    I found this anime enjoyable :D
    The one part I was so confused was where Kujo’s bottom body was gone o.o What was that part about???
    I think the first half of the series was well done and second half was half assed. (but somewhat enjoyable)

    • Myst says:

      Hmm, I’d put it more as in the first part was great, then the middle part was terrible and it made us enjoy the last part less than the first XD. But that might just be a guess… As for the no legs part, at first I thought Kujo had actually lost his legs, but I think it was more of a symbolism to show that he couldn’t go back to Victorique and felt like he couldn’t move at all. Something like that, anyways…

      I guess I could say I was deceived… I thought the show was going to be much greater than what it showed me :/

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