Blood C (3) – this anime sucks balls and i hate it

This is the anime I reserved and expected to be at least half good? This is Clamp’s next work after the mind fuck but incredibly interesting Code Geass? This is almost as bad as that cliche piece of shit magical girl thing I dropped. Let me sum it up for you. Saya eats breakfast, Saya’s father says something, closeness is implied, after 7 minutes of painful slow moving morning bullshit and singing there is school. There’s so much talking in this that shoujos look at it and go WUT.


in this picture, things more interesting than Blood C


I don’t know what to say. Even if you don’t like Blood Plus, it was so much better than this. It dangled romance in front of you in a smart yet teasing way. It threw action at you and couldn’t explain to you why a teenage girl was the only one who could kill monsters. You saw her family get hurt and saw this fuck with her. This anime has WASTED MY TIME trying to become deep. Wasted it. I know what it’s trying to do. Saya is supposed to be a simple friendly girl who wants to protect more than anything else. Well guess what? I can read this formula like a fucking book and it’s pathetic. It’s not even like anime where you know where it’s going, because it’s worse. It’s a story that hasn’t been done to death a million times, in fact it takes a pretty interesting mythos and makes it into a boring typical anime. It literally skull fucked one of my favorite concepts. It is more monster of the week than Sailor Moon. I don’t care about anyone except mysterious transfer student but if I don’t care about his obvious love interest why should I keep watching?

I am amazed I got through this one. I thought the first episode was meh but if it was going to go from there and be good, I would care. It’s not interesting. I was determined to love this and I just don’t. I am going to go all the way through episode 5 and if it doesn’t improve this show is so dropped. I have given it a fair chance and Blood + is one of my favorite animes and this is just shit.

I guess I can give you the few differences. They eat breakfast. The cake place is, gasp, where Saya always eats breakfast. The baker has disappeared from the bakery. She goes to find him because EVIIIIIL and elder bairns and what the fuck ever else. Fight scene. Oh you know what’s great? Saya even follows the baker who disappeared and lets him haplessly walk into his own death and get tentacle raped to death. I am not stunned by violence so I can see what they’re trying to do. Some fucking hero, oh she must love that baker if she let him walk right into the fucking tentacle rape train.


Then a fight scene ensues and as usual this would be really fun and cool to watch if you know. It hadn’t had 15 minutes of stomach turning bullshit in front of it. Man and then they taunt you with, OH WE PROMISE NEXT EPISODE WILL SHOW YOU HOW COOL THIS STUFF IS! no. You said that last episode. Fuck yourself.


I’m not out yet….fuck you better improve your game Blood C. I enjoy the breast anime more than you. PROUDLY.






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10 Responses

  1. TimesTicking says:

    Sounds like episode 3 was horrible. Blood-C is just a huge disappointment and I don’t understand people saying they didn’t like Blood+ but they are enjoying Blood-C when Blood-C is just total crap.
    (Probably won’t watch Blood-C until it gets better)

  2. ZeroG says:

    I begin each new episode thinking “This episode is the one, this time something interesting will happen that will kick start the show and make everything just as good as Blood+” Then I get a 20 minutes long disappointing episode and I wonder why I should enjoy the show.

    There is nothing of value here, each episode uses the same formula, we get a little intro in the café, then she sings her way to school, little chat with her friends, random action with no real purpose, ending theme.

    I just keep telling myself that the next episode something absolutely awesome will happen that will justify all those shitty episode, but up to now my hopes were crushed.

    If the show ends and it stays as boring as it is at the moment, I think I’ll go insane

  3. Eva says:

    This is like ridiculous. Isn’t this supposed to be a horror? An R-18 rated show? Jeez, it’s so retarded how the hell do they expect anyone finding the WILL to watch this? I’ve literally skipped through the entire thing after seeing 10 minutes of YAP YAP YAP MMM GOODIE SNACKS!!! DELICIOUS YUM YUM BULLSHIT.

  4. Konomaru says:

    What the hell, its an awesome anime, y does it always have to be all about action, this anime is deep, i mean a nice simple cute girl, who u would never expect to fight monsters at night, its seem more of a tragic anime than an all out action one. It got a nice vibe to it, and why the hell if u say how suck it is and complain as u continue to watch, i mean seriously, getting piss over an anime and being such a fuck up hater, its stories is nice if its all about action, it wouldnt make any dam sense. What u want her to do huh? fucking kill 30 monster a day? Shesh, seem like a hot head bastard who always want to fight. Its not like naruto whoo have so much fillers thats something to get piss about.

    • ZeroG says:

      Since this is Blood C, one would expect a show as deep and interesting as Blood+. but this show is nothing close to being as good as Blood+. The reason people hate on this show so much is because there were high expectation for it, but now we see that the show is not as good as we hoped and therefore it is normal for everyone to be quite disappointed.

      Now don’t misunderstand, Blood+ was no masterpiece, but it was a dark and cruel anime and both the character of Saya and Haji were marveleous to watch. Here the main character is a boring schoolgirl denser than a brick wall. Everything seems to be going nowhere and the main character is so happy and cheerful you just want to bash her head open.

      I hope this help you understand why some people might regards Blood-C as a complete failure. Hopefully future episodes will change our views, but I don’t want to hope for something just to see my dream crushed again.

    • Eva says:

      Just remember it also depends on people’s taste. For me, I don’t exactly have the exact patience for very slow progressing plots, for some I do, for some I don’t. And much like Zero said, ALOT of people had VERY high expectations for this show, and it’s natural when people have too high expectations then end up disappointed – and Oki was one of those people who had VERY high expectations and was really looking forward to it. Also the repetition of the 10 – 15 minutes of ‘lunch hour’ is something that easily can get tired of very quickly.

      Fortunately Episode 5 has finally kicked the plot into gear and we’re getting some serious development and now the some of the fans who were doubting the show but still stuck to it have newfound hope that things will get exciting from this point on. :)

  5. gogogo says:

    Come on, I find it very interesting, it’s a beatiful frog, it does not deserve to be compared to boring blood c.

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