Blade 03: All Vampire Hunters Know Each Other

This week on Blade, we saw a little bit about Blade’s origin, and learned the two rules about sailing on a ship that helps vampire hunters: 1. No women, and 2. No vampires.


Keep running your mouth old man and see what happens!


The episode opens at the Kobe port again, with blade meeting up with the old dude with the white dog. The old guy draws his gun and fires, only to shoot a vampire (or something like it) that was behind Blade. Then he makes fun of Blade for losing his touch. D’awww, can’t you feel the love? Turns out the old man is Noah Van Helsing, a friend of Blade’s, and his white German Sheperd (it looks like a GSD to me so that’s what I’m calling it) named Razor is also equally happy to see Blade. Bet you didn’t guess we’d get to see Blade pet a puppy in this episode, did you?!


You know the dog is a badass because he's wearing body armor too.

Looks like Blade asked his buddy Noah to help come and resupply. Additionally, since they mentioned Deacon Frost went to the Philippines, it looks like Noah also brought a boat, the Victoria II, to sail them to the Philippines. How very sweet of him. On board, the captain, McLay, tells Blade he better follow the captain’s rules while on board his ship, and his first rule is no women. The camera pans over to show us a very wet Makoto who apparently followed Blade to the ship. There’s a bit of a ruckus before Noah steps in and gives the captain a wad of cash while saying Makoto’s a boy so it’s no big deal, right?


Blade, that is no way to talk about a lady.


Razor: It's cool guys, she's a'ight.


Makoto wanders the ship after Noah makes sure she’s safe and watches as Noah injects Blade with something while he’s chained down to a table. Blade screams an ungodly scream, and Makoto is understandably freaked the eff out. Later on, Makoto comes back to see Blade sleeping while covered in sweat (does anyone get an S&M subtext from all of this, or is it just me?) and attempts to exact her revenge on him. He blocks her attacks and tells her to GTFO in not so few letters. Can I smack Makoto now? Blade only killed her dad because he was turned into a vampire and there is no cure. Goddamnit Makoto get that through your head!


Noah drops by just in time to lure Makoto away and they go sit on the deck of the ship and talk about Blade. Noah tells Makoto about when he first found Blade and how they became partners, which is all shown to us via flashback. I must say, young Blade is very cute. One major grip though: it looks like Blade is supposed to be a teenager in the flashbacks, but his voice is exactly the same as it is in the present. It’s way too deep and gritty for a teenage boy. The seiyuu couldn’t be bothered to try and use a younger voice? The production staff of the show couldn’t bother to get another seiyuu to do these flashback scenes? Urk. I know it’s a stupid little thing but it BOTHERS me. Continuity, guys.


Even Blade, a freaking vampire, thinks this is creepy.


The flashback goes on to explain the origin of the stuff Noah was injecting Blade with. Noah invented the retro-viral as an attempt to cure vampirism. Instead it only killed vampires. He offers Blade the choice to try to use the retro-viral to curb his bloodlust, though there’s a good chance it could kill him. Blade, who obviously hates his existence as a vampire, doesn’t seem to care if he dies at this point. The upside is, of course, that if it works he won’t have to feed on people and apologize like he had been doing. We know that it works because it’s a flashback, but is interesting to see Blade weigh the decision and ultimately go for it.


No, don't do THAT! Oh wait, you meant the retro-viral injection... uhm, nevermind...


Some more stuff happens in the flashback but I don’t want to spoil it all for you. Back to the present, Noah is still chatting up Makoto on the ship when he says something that I totally dig. He tells Makoto that a hunter’s duty is not to hunt vampires, but to protect humans from vampires. He asks her who she would be protecting if she killed Blade and got her revenge? YES, THANK YOU NOAH. Somebody needs to put some sense into this girl’s head. Not to mention that if she really tried to kill Blade, I think he’d end up killing her and nobody wants that. Except vampires but they don’t count, they’re not people. YES I AM RACIST AGAINST VAMPIRES, SO WHAT? Assholes.


Anyway, the crew sees some weird stuff in the air and Noah realizes they are a type of Filippino vampire known as a mandurugo. They look kinda like gryphons but with long necks and human heads. I have to admit, after last week’s Suiko and now the mandurugo I kinda like these alternate vampires. It’s a nice shift from all vampires looking like humans all the time. Also, I think it’s interesting to note that “mandurugo” is similar to “mandragora” so I think there is some association there.


So the mandurugo attack the ship and the crew, Noah, and Makoto fight them off while Blade is still recovering from his injection. Apparently it wipes him out after, not to mention that when he got the injection Noah said it wasn’t a good idea with his injuries (assuming he is talking about the gunshot wounds Blade suffered last episode). So now it comes back to bite everyone in the ass, good job Blade.


Ugly mofos, aren't they?


Eventually Blade comes out to help fight and saves Makoto in the process. He gets a few good swipes in with his sword before the whole injection-while-injured thing causes him to fall down. Everyone fights well to get the mandurugos to go away, and when they think they’ve won at the last minute a mandurugo flies out of some crates, grabs Noah, and flies away before anybody can do anything. Well, shit. The remaining group figures they better continue on to the Philippines and follow the mandurugos.


Previews for next week show us more about Blade’s history, this time as a child and not a teenager, and we get glimpses of his mother. Awesome! I’ve always loved that Blade’s mom turns into a vampire and comes back to haunt him. One of my favorite story arcs and while I knew it would be included I didn’t think we’d get into it so soon. Or at least if we don’t see her in the present time, we’ll get to see her in flashbacks.


See you all next week. <3

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