Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Ni! Episode 4: Talking Shoukanjuu

Seriously Hideyoshi? Boys ask you out?


The Class F boys are playing Cheat, when Himeji enters and gets drunk on rigged chocolates. She then takes out Voyeur and Hideyoshi, challenging Akihisa and Yuuji to a game of strip Cheat along with Shouko. After a spectacular loss, they run for it while Shouko and Himeji chase after them, fully intent to make them cross-dress.

In the second half, the principal sets up a summoning field around the whole school to test out a new system.Voyeur, Hideyoshi and Minami summon their Shoukanjuu only to find out that they can talk. The Shoukanjuu reveal all their master’s secrets, including the fact Hideyoshi gets asked out by boys (WOW. Just…wow.) and Yoshii-kun nearly finds out Minami crushes on him. Almost everyone else is tricked into summoning their own Shoukanjuu, and all hell breaks loose.


Well everyone, it took four episodes, but BakaTest returns this week with the element that made us all pick it up back in Season 1 – the Shoukanjuu. Don’t get me wrong, the first half was funny all the same, but its not really the same without the Shoukanjuu, and this episode really changed that. It was this element, as well as Hideyoshi the idiotic cast of characters that made me pick this up back in Season 1.

I’ve actually never heard Cheat being called Bullshit before, blame the subs but it does make sense, as playing a cheat is bullshitting the other players all the same. And that was probably the most messed up game of it that I’ve seen, in a long time. While I won’t condemn it entirely, I feel that this half of the episode was sorta wasted, as there are so many other character developments they could have done or they could have introduced a plot. They reuse Class B rep Kubo’s gayness towards Akihisa far, far too much. As well as crossdressing. I mean, including this one, the PAST THREE EPISODES has had some element of crossdressing *facepalm*

YUSS, Shoukanjuu can talk now ^^ Its a plot twist I never expected at all, when the principal mentioned a more effective system I thought she was referring to battle upgrades, or extra qualities of the ESB such as combos or easy powerups. As thick as Akihisa is, he failed to realize that both Himeji and Minami are after him, even though both their Shoukanjuu clearly pointed it out. Yuuji ended up being abused by Shouko again, and we learn that Hideyoshi’ s been asked out three times this month (Seriously? WTF?)

BakaTest’s steering in the right direction! Having never read the light novels, I have no idea whether this was adapted material or not – but if these four eps had been an S1, I wouldn’t have had half as much interest in it as I do now, because of the dangerously close-to-fillers material. On the plus side, if these upgraded Shoukanjuu are introduced into the ESBs, this opens up a lot of possibilities for future plot devices, as well as more interesting battles.


I love cute things.

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