Toriko Episodes 7 and 8: Not so good but definitely not bad…


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3 Responses

  1. ryvrdrgn14 says:

    I like the Toriko story up until the conclusion of the Jewel Meat/Ice Hell story arcs but it does kinda fall off after that. It still appears to be pretty popular in the weekly rankings in WSJ so that might just be me. Anyway those arcs will still take awhile so maybe it’ll be okay until episode 24 at the most (will it go past 12?)

    • Myst says:

      There is still an unknown number of episodes to the show, however I think that it’s going to last quite a while still (it’s just personal opinion, but I’m pretty sure about it). I dunno if it’s going to get amazing or not, I guess I’ll give it a shot! :P

  2. Watch Toriko says:

    I loved the manga cant wait to see how the anime turns out :)

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