The World Only God Knows II Episode 10: The Challenge Starts


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2 Responses

  1. ryvrdrgn14 says:

    The author was good at starting off Keima appearing like an invincible conquest machine, but we all know that invincible heroes become boring if they stay at the top for too long. The way he places Keima in situations that make things difficult and challenge him just gets better from here on (though he will still have a few ‘easy’ or ‘light’ encounters in between).

    In the later chapters of the manga, I always look forward to when he makes a comeback in his conquests (or re-conquests as the case may be).

    I suppose I will keep my fingers crossed for more seasons. My anime viewing just is not the same without TWOGK.

    There are at least 3-4 ‘filler’ chapters that can take the 12th episode such as Elsie’s performance review by the guys in charge of hell or the news report of Keima’s Fallen God website being popular around the world and revolutionizing the popularity of Dating Sims (Galge). Whichever they pick, I just hope that it is as epic as the 12th episode from the first season. ^_^

    • Myst says:

      of course it will be as epic as in the first season, why should we expect less? ;P I was really deceived when I learned that this season was ending, I really want a third season though. I also like when Keima gets a challenge, because if characters get it too easy it does get boring.

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