The World Only God Knows Episode 12 [Final]: Keima has a loli fetish.


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8 Responses

  1. TimesTicking says:

    I heard something that if the OVA sells well, they are planning to do 3rd season XD The episode was just average but I loved the ending :D

  2. Eva says:


  3. DarkSlayer says:

    I love Yokkyun too, and both final episodes are in the manga, in fact, Yokkyun appears at least 4 times. I really was expecting to see the animated version of Yokkyun, obviously is a crappy draw, but it’s the ‘girl’ that Keima adores.
    (Sorry for my crappy english)

    • Eva says:

      You’re English is fine :D no worries. XD I find it so funny how out of all the characters in the video games, Yokkyun is like his fated lover *SHOT* to the point despite her horrible character design, he LOVES her. XDDDD

  4. DashXFox says:

    Actually, the first half of the episode doesn’t appear in the manga at all really. Only a few key frames did and they are from the beginning of the next capture arc. I was actually enjoying the filler a lot since it was all new to me. The whole heroine cast made cameos too which was awesome. The second half I agree was pretty dull for an ending. It’s a pretty dull chapter period. Only to really serve as a “What does Keima want in a galge?” concept. I felt relaxed during this episode though because it goes back to Keima’s room and his gaming habits. I feel it’s a good way to take a break from the high tension capture arcs.

    As soon as they started showing girls from further in the manga, My eyes were glued. Especially the girl whom has a reflection with a halo. I won’t give the name but her arc is long and beautiful. One of my favorites. I think if they didn’t have a 3rd season then that last 2 minute frame was the biggest tease I’ve ever seen. I would be so disappointed. STOP YOU CANT SEE THE ENDING YET!

    The anime version is so well done. I never want it to end.

    • Eva says:

      // My eyes were glued. Especially the girl whom has a reflection with a halo.//
      <3 I can't wait for that arc either, it's going to be so badass. Season 3 is going to be so epic. XD

  5. Myst says:

    The OVA better freakin’ sell well. It should :P Also, why the hell am I the only one who doesn’t seem to read the manga around here? O_o

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