AnoHana Ep 11: The Last Goodbye [FINAL]


My name is Eva, I’ve been watching Anime since 2003, and I became a fan later in 2005.
I am a passionate writer, so it’s a wonderful experience and incredibly thrilling to blog reviews/critics and just express myself about the series.

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10 Responses

  1. Vantage says:

    I’m proud to say that I traded my sleep to watch this ep as soon as I could…so heartwarming ^^ The bit where they all started crying together…it proved that every one of them has their own messed up problems even though they look like they’ve moved on =/

    When the ED started, manly tears were shed *nods*

    • Eva says:

      ;A; IKR? It was so well done, it’s totally worth losing your sleep over heck you can sleep a bit better now since you cried – after all crying tend to drain your energy LOL

  2. buru buru says:

    Uh…such a good, good final….
    I would wish to see Tsuriko together with Yukiatsu, but then we would need some more episodes…Maybe there could be an OVA?
    Ahh..but it was a damm good ending..the whole anime was damm good…
    I guess there is no more I can say- you just have this grate feeling and thats it!

    • Eva says:

      Yes, an OVA would be pretty awesome to elaborate on how everyone is doing even though we got a little bit at the end, but at the same time it makes me conflicted since it had such a perfect ending! XD;

  3. TimesTicking says:

    The ending was just well done. I couldn’t hold back the tears when everyone was trying to look for Menma T.T I thought Clannad was gonna be the only anime that would make me cry but damn AnoHana made me cry just like before. I’m so glad everyone was able to see Menma before she left.

    • Eva says:

      I was pleasantly surprised to see that everyone got the chance to see Menma, and that really made the ending even more perfect and a sense of joy despite that sad farewell.

  4. grace says:

    thank you very much for covering this anime! the best one i’ve seen this entire year…i honestly teared up like a toddler lost in a grocery store, baw. lovely characters, lovely directing, lovely ending. absolutely beautiful <3333

    • Eva says:

      Thank you, I had a blast covering this show. It’s great to hear from the feedbacks that a lot of us fans were able to feel emotionally connected to the show and its characters. :D

  5. amukisa says:

    I love it! Its sad and wonderful but I don’t get it! Menma said that she will be reborn or? That would be wonderful then she could be with the guy she loves and I still hope that Anaru and Jinta don’t end up with each other(they were shown together at the end)! It would be sad because I want him with Menma and I want him to wait for her!
    This anime reminded me of 1 liter of tears a drama where I cried 24 episode and in the end the girl died with a big smile on her face, just like in ano hana!

    • Eva says:

      I think she HOPES to be reborn, there’s no knowing for sure because after death itself we don’t know what happens. I think it’s a way to look at it positive and believe that one day, who knows how long it’ll be, they’ll meet again.

      OMG, ;A; 1 Liter of Tears I was bawling like a baby every single episode. I had to stop at episode four because I was crying to the point my eyes would start getting swollen and then after they recovered I continued to watch it. Such a beautiful story, but what made it even sadder that it was based off a true story.

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