AnoHana Ep 10: Confessions

The firework is complete. The Poppo gathers the group together to host a farewell party for Menma before she departs to heaven after they launch the fireworks. Yukiastsu decides to suggest an activity that involves repeating exactly what happened on Menma’s last day. With Anaru’s help and Poppo’s encouragement, Jintan finally spits it out, not wanting to repeat the past and confesses that he indeed is in love with Menma. After they leave, Menma tells him that she too is in love with him. Jintan finds himself voicing his true thoughts, about how he’d like her to stay rather than go to heaven and they can get married like that. However Menma tells him that she must go to heaven so that she can reincarnated and return to their world.
The next day, the group gathers and sets up the fireworks, Jintan keeps on telling himself that it’s not too late to stop it but doesn’t get the chance to- however much to his and Menma’s surprise she hasn’t disappeared and is still there.


The minute that firework started laughing into the sky I really, and I mean – REALLY choked up and starting crying really hard. Of course I was crying even harder than I already way while watching the episode. Just like waves and waves of tears just continue streaming down my face and I’m still crying as I write this. Now everything is just going to be even more emotional now that Menma didn’t disappear after having seen the fireworks.

On top of that, I think it’s confirmed now that the reason why Menma is there in the first place, is not really about her wish – but in fact Jintan’s mother’s wish because everyone but Jintan were aware about a secret meeting. If that’s not the case, then I’m really going to cry my eyes out if what Menma actually wants is getting married – in fact when she had said that she too loved Jintan and would have liked to marry him, I actually thought Jintan was going to say (instead of, ‘stay here rather than going to heaven’) they can still get married if she wanted to. Either way emotions are building and everything is going to tumble down for the next episode. Much to my dismay, there’s only in fact eleven episodes! OH MAL WHY DO YOU DECEIVE ME SO OFTEN?!

The group without a doubt is going to put Jintan through emotional beating one way or another, especially Yukiastsu I mean the guy has been trying so hard to try and help Menma get to heaven and ugh- I have a bad feeling that Jintan might get punched in the face.

Finally, originally I was going to say this first but: I KNEW IT. I KNEW THAT  TSURUKO HAD A CRUSH ON YUKIASTSU! I KNEW IT! AND I’M SAD THAT SHE CUT HER HAR! ;A; SHE LOOKED SO PRETTY WITH LONG HAIR!!! ;A; And Yukiastsu, your ‘affection’ fo

Overall this episode was again, E M O T I O N A L, (grab some tissues will you?) and a lot of development happened within this episode. One of the key things is that Menma’s family actually came to see the fireworks (although her mother and father weren’t actually there yet or whatever) but her brother was there! There was also the replay of what had happened on that day Menma died, only to be corrected when this time, Jintan said the truth that he did love Menma and was stopped by Poppo from running out and repeating what he had done in the past. So they confronted the past and that’s huge. All there’s left is Menma to complete her plan, or I guess her mission that Jintan’s mother given her (I’m theorizing here!) and once she does she will pass on. Finally, one more thing I should mention, we’ve seen that her skin has been growing transparent very slowly throughout the episode which is pretty clear that time is running out and what I mentioned in the above of whatever she has to do – will have to be done by next week’s finale.

So people if you haven’t already start stocking up on tissue boxes – start doing so (that’s something I need to do since I’m running out – I think we only got one more left… Damnit I don’t want to use toilet paper rolls if I have to =3=). I haven’t cried this much for a show since Clannad, but then again Clannad had me crying almost every episode PLUS it was a 23 episodes soooo, yeah this show can’t top the amount of crying time. Either way both shows without a doubt make you cry!

PS: I’m sorry that I spammed the screenshots, I couldn’t help myself.


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2 Responses

  1. TimesTicking says:

    This anime is just making me cry like I did when I was watching Clannad. This anime is really hard to predict >.<

    • Eva says:

      *Passes some spare tissues*
      *sniffs* IKR? ;A; We’re gonna be bawling our eyes out next week. *GRABS MOKONA PLUSHIE AND HUGS IT*

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