Yu Gi Oh Zexal Ep 5: Yuma STFU and LISTEN!!!

Yuma finds himself be nagged about accepting an Exceed Monster known as Baby Toragon from a mischievous boy, Tokunosuke. Yuma’s friends try their best to prevent Yuma from obtaining the card and warns him that Tokunosuke cannot be trusted, however fails to do so when Tokunosuke decides to send a ‘fan letter’ directly to Yuma so that he can obtain the card. The next day, Yuma arrives in school to see that he has been accused for creating troubles due to some pictures that have been sent to all the students by an anonymous sender. After that Yuma sulks about when Tokunosuke  appears and ‘tries’ to cheer him up and prepose a duel. However, Astral who is suspicious about Tokunosuke warns Yuma that it’s best to avoid the duel only to be bitched at by him. Soon enough, despite Astral’s warnings, Yuma finds himself in a terrible position after having used Baby Toragon that set the plan into motion where as Tokunosuke has successfully managed to obtain Aspiring Emperor Hope, taking away Yuma’s trump and at the same time reveals that the winner will take from the loser one card of their liking.


Hm, that’s interesting. So Yuma is forbidden to duel. I wonder why is that? Maybe it has to do with Astral and that key he holds? Either way there’s something going on and Yuma’s sister knows the reason, and his grandmother as well who still supported him doing so. Aside from that, he’s really, and I mean seriously naive. He should have listened to Astral when he said to avoid the duel. : Anyhow I don’t like the way Yuma is treating Astral. I mean seriously this guy is the reason why he’s winning duels in the first place, show some respect man.

Okay so Tokunosuke reminds me ALOT of Yeager from YGO 5Ds. I swear it’s the hair, the voice, the mischievous underhand tactics and personality. In short, I don’t like the guy, nor I ever will. Anyhow it’s such a bummer that Baby Toragon is Yuma’s ‘doomed’ card since it was got him into this messed up situation in the first place. But despite that, it’s SO FREAKING CUTE!!!! OMG, JUST LOOK AT IT! IT LOOKS SO SAD AND LONELY, IT’S SCREAMING THAT IT NEEDS A HUG!!!! *SQUEA* SO FREAKING A D O R A B L E ! ! ! !

Anyhow, Yuma screwed now that not only he lost his trump card, Aspiring Emperor Hope, though it would be interesting and awesome to see Baby Toragon somehow become useful in a positive way.


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