The World Only God Knows Season 2 Episode 5: The "Real" Type


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2 Responses

  1. ryvrdrgn14 says:

    I found the changing seasons very funny since it was a gross exaggeration of how long Keima locked himself in his room. The cockroach thing I’m not quite sure what it meant, but it did emphasize how badly he was affected by Chihiro’s words.

    I can at least tell you with certainty that the woman who stepped on Keima in the last part of your post was his teacher (check out episode 1 season 1 – the teacher that slapped him with a book at the intro). You will see more of her in the next conquest (Jun Nagase I think her name was).

    If I dig up anything more regarding this I’ll post again. Loved this episode. Each one makes me more sad knowing that there are currently no plans to make more seasons of this great show T_T


    That’s a somewhat useful trivia site. You might find it useful for the various shows you do, though I’m not sure if it will answer your other questions o_O

    Oh, that link has MASSIVE amounts of spoilers but most of them are white text on white that require hilighting. >_>;

    • Myst says:

      WOAH, that website is AWESOME! There’s tons of useful information, thank you! :D

      Thank you also for the precision that the lady was his teacher, although I probably would have figured it out once the arc came by. I also really liked this episode, I can definitely start to see a plot developing, if you and Eva hadn’t told me beforehand that the plot was amazing I would have definitely been surprised there. Romance shows usually aren’t that developed…
      As for the third season, well… We can always hope… Right? XD Let’s stay optimistic :P

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